March 6, 2018

ROOTS…An Alssonian Project

As a part of their work experience program, Ninth and Tenth graders were offered the Injaz work experience project. A group of grade 10 students are participating in the INJAZ Company Program this year. The group collectively identified the problem with buying planting pots whereby customers lack diversity, customization and affordability. Hence they launched their project “ROOTS” where they provide plant pots that are stylish, affordable and can be customized. Roots identified the need for a product to revolutionize the current market. Roots targets an array of social classes with their various planting pot designs.
The students were mentored and supervised by Mr. Mostafa who was with them every step along the way. The students showcased their products today at the American Middle and High school Parents Day and sold practically everything they had. They even took orders to deliver tomorrow as they ran out of stock. Well done Roots.

The Team Members :
Ahmad Galal
Ali Mosharafa
George Fawzy
Mahmoud Allam
Mahmoud Roushdy
Malak Hatem
Malak Abou El Enein
Mohamed Akef
Mohamed Hosny
Mohamed Yehia
Nada El Fazary
Nadeem Helmy
Nour El Din Mahgoub
Rasheed Abou Gazia
Reema Bedewi
Seif Raouf
Seif Salama

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