November 1, 2017

Athletics Update for last weekend

Our first Relays of the season was at BISC on Friday 27th October. Having never played together as a team we were optimistic about our performance before the competition. We started off strongly and seemed to be controlling our pace.

Throughout the races’ our performance as a team improved massively and our team’s spirit were increasing. Both Boy’s and Girl’s teams were linking up nicely and were not giving up but battling hard in maintaining possession. We just needed some more practice to prove how able our young boys and girls are.

Finishing 2nd place overall with such a young team is something we very proud off. I would personally like to thank the boys for their hard work and effort in the event. Also I would like to thank Mr Mohtady and Mr Amir for coaching the U11 teams. Finally, I would also like to thank Miss Yasmine and Miss Pescode for coaching and helping with U13 and U15 teams.

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