November 27, 2017

British Section Student Council

The British Student Council nominations are now complete and the first two meetings have taken place. Each tutor group has two representatives who belong to one of the following committees:

  • Events
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Charity
  • Student support (to include anti-bullying)
  • Media/PR
  • Environment

Each committee is led by a sixth form student and are overseen by the Heads and Deputies. So far the council has helped to organize fundraising events, a recycling project, teacher articles for the website and clothing collections. They are a very proactive group of young people who are sure to make their mark this year and I look forward to working with them.

Good luck Student Council!


Student Council 2017/2018

Head Boy Nader Zaker

Head Girl Hana Banana

Deputy Head Boy Yousef Aziz

Deputy Head Girl Celine Takla

7A Farida Amin/Omar Hefnawy

7B Malak Abdalla/Mahmoud Ismail

7C Dalila Mubarak/Laila El Abd

8A Yousef Hata

8B Talya El Akkary/Hassan Fawzy

8C Omar Abdalla

9A Yassin Ghazaly/Hana El Sarky

9B Zeina Soliman/Karim Shafie

10A Yousef Maghraby/Alia Daader

10B Mahmoud El Sabaie/Laila Ayman

10C Laila AbdelGalil/Adham Farouk

11A Hazem Mahmoud/Anzel Van Der Merwe

11B Mariam Shams

11C Malak Eweiss/Gasser Shanab

12 Jenna Tawfik/NaderSherif/Hana Soliman/Taya Farahat/Ezzeldin Ashmawy/Dana Adawy

13 Omar Fahmy/Salma Zaghloul/Abby Chalkly/Karim Farahat/Noujihan/Esmat Selim

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