March 24, 2018

El Alsson’s Haraneya Day and Talent Show

Last Thursday was the final day of the Senior / Secondary Spirit Week. Today’s theme was (Haraneya Egyptian Day). Students came in dressed in traditional Egyptian clothes and costumes, had the chance to have Foul and Falafel for breakfast, if lucky, managed to get a henna tattoo or take a carriage ride and moreover they had the chance to enjoy the lovely Talent Show!

Congratulations to our talented winners:
1st Place: Omar Saleh G10 – Rapping
2nd place: Heidi El Fayoumi G6 – Singing
3rd place: Mariam Abed Y9C- Singing
George the donkey and his goat n sheep friends visited us from Maryannes farm. Visitors are welcome. Here is a link to the farm


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