December 4, 2017

Further Fog Update

Dear Parents,

We appreciate the concerns many of you have raised about fog in the mornings. Currently there are un-verified rumours that parts of the Mehwar and Cairo-Alex Road past the toll gates will be closed in the morning. Our transport office is aware of these possibilities and have alternative routes planned in the event of road closures, though we cannot guarantee that routes will be congestion-free. Our bus drivers also utilize safe heavy-fog driving protocols while on route to school, which include reduced speed, use of lights, and travel in convoy. The safety of all our students is extremely important to us.

Our bus routes will operate at their normal times tomorrow, December 5th. Buses will take the utmost precautions to arrive safely though there is the possibility of delayed arrival. Any parent concerned about morning fog may opt to bring their child to school later in the morning by their own transportation. Children will not be penalized for late arrival or absence in the event of heavy fog.

We will continue to monitor the morning fog and communicate any adjustments to our day schedule should it be necessary.

El Alsson School

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