May 20, 2018

Ramadan Calendar Idea

Dear Parents

In celebration of Ramadan, El Alsson has created a new idea based on the borrowed concept of a reverse ‘Advent’ calendar, through which our younger ones can practice acts of generosity, experience giving, helping others and understanding the true meaning of compassion. This a wholly voluntary and family based activity, developed by some of our staff, with the feedback of a few helpful parents, in the spirit of Ramadan. It is designed to be a flexible family project, allowing parents to decide how best to implement it with their children, should they choose to.
Family involvement is a key aspect of our initiative, and so we have added real life numbers, statistics, and questions for families to discuss and reflect on every day. We hope to engage children in consideration of others who are less fortunate than them and expand their awareness through eye-opening facts and discussions. Appreciation, gratitude and real life experience is our goal.
Families are free to decide together on any actions that could be taken as an appreciation for all the blessings they have, whether donating money for charity or performing an act of kindness towards a family member or those in need, or maybe a mix of both. For example, you may ask your children to donate a small sum of money for every TV in their house, or donate shoes they have outgrown to a suitable charity, as appropriate for the consideration of the day.
Donations will be decided by family members; however, it is advisable that they are taken from our children’s own savings no matter how small they are. At the end of Ramadan, it is entirely up to families where children donate any money / items to (e.g. a children’s or family charity, medical charity, food bank, etc.)
El Alsson Art staff will assign one lesson for decorating and personalizing donation boxes. Please send cardboard boxes (shoe boxes) or any portable “safe material” containers to be decorated if you wish your child to participate.

You may also wish to include acts of kindness instead of or in addition to donations. Acts of kindness may include:
Write a thank you note for someone who is positively affecting your life.
Make a phone call that will bring a smile to a family member.
Help in distributing food to the poor and needy for iftar.
In a family gathering for iftar, bring along your donations box and ask for contributions.
Visit an orphanage
Visit a hospital
Clean your room without being asked
Clean up the dining table after iftar.
Collect toys or items you don’t use any more to donate to a children’s charity
Offer to help someone carry bags or heavy items
Pick up litter or plant some flowers in a public area near your house

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