November 16, 2017


El Alsson U16 Rugby v BISC

On Thursday 25 October 2017 El Alsson’s Under 16’s took the spoils in the friendly fixture with a 17-15 win over BISC. Karim Agwa scored a truly amazing try all the way back from the 22m line. As it was the first time to see the boys in action it would be unfair to single out a single player so the whole team deserved a mention for their excellent play.

El Alsson U19 Rugby v BISC

All over in 20 seconds…
People have plenty to say about modern rugby, not all of it complimentary. Thrilling gladiatorial finishes like this one, though, are impossible to resist and El Alsson’s last-gasp heist at the BISC stronghold will rumble around the West Cairo for some time.
It was not a result carved entirely out of imbuia wood. The team did the simple basics well and led by their spirited captain Hesham Atef, who scored all three tries deserved the cheers from his teammates. A special mention to Hussein Hafez who stopped a sure try with a great tackle thus ensuring victory with 15-10 over British International School. I would like to thank the supporters and their chaperones, Mrs Enas SalahEl Din, Mr Bryan Lee and Mrs Sue Ellen Lee. The support was amazing.
The Rugby programme consists of U14-U15 boys, U16 and U19 boys and we’ll start with an Open Girls squad to take up this incredible game. The values of discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect will be at the front of the El Alsson rugby programme.
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