April 29, 2018

School-Wide Ramadan Initiative

Dear Parents,

We are always very impressed with the generosity and care that our families demonstrate during Ramadan. This is a tradition we would like to continue and develop further as we get ready for our first Ramadan in New Giza. As a school, we believe not only that charity and community service begins at home, but also that children benefit from giving of their time and efforts.

With Ramadan approaching, we invite students to make voluntary donations to support Alsson ElKheir this Ramadan. Funds collected will be used to support activities that students will participate in including:

  • packing and distributing whole-sale dry goods to create Ramadan bags to support our school-sponsored families, orphanages as well as support staff.
  • sponsoring an iftar for children in need who we support as a school community
  • providing additional material needs to local orphanages and families in need as we are able

Children of all ages, across the schools, will have the opportunity to work together to organize, pack and distribute items, while also learning the importance of teamwork and the spirit of giving. They will be guided and supported in this process through our Guidance and Student Services departments as well as leadership and teachers across the schools.

We are very excited about the opportunities we can provide this Ramadan for our students to learn the value of giving, not just of donations, but of their time and efforts.

Children are asked to make voluntary cash donations, all proceeds of which will go towards providing the materials to support our Ramadan community support activities. Children G6/Y7 and older can make donations via their Homeroom Advisor/Tutor or the relevant section offices. Our younger children will receive information about how to donate via their record books and class communication tools.

Any parent who wishes to discuss any further ways they can contribute to this cause is asked to contact one of the below for further information:

Middle and High School:                   Angie Shalaby (ashalaby@alsson.com)

Early Childhood/Elementary:           Nadine Arafa (narafa@alsson.com)

Early Years/KS2:                                  Samantha Cuthbert (scuthbert@alsson.com)

KS3, 4, 5:                                               Julie Clarke (jclarke@alsson.com)

We look forward to extending the spirit of giving to as many people in need as possible this Ramadan and are confident that with your support we will succeed in this goal.


Wishing you all a Ramadan Kareem.

El Alsson School


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