Community Service is an important aspect of a young person’s social personal and social development. It helps children to learn about the less fortunate and how they can help improve the plight of others. Every year our students are encouraged to think of ways to help others whether this be individuals or organizations. During Community Service Display Week classes put up displays to show the other students about how they have helped during the year.
Last year students raised funds for many different charities and organizations e.g. local orphanages, for The Egyptian Food Bank, for Animal Care in Egypt and for Operation Smile.  We also like to support The Tulips Foundation, which is a charity set up by some of our parents and students. The students get to research and choose which charities or foundations they would like to help and they organise various fund raising events, with some help from teachers and parents. Students really enjoy this aspect of their learning. We are always very proud to see how interested and enthusiastic they are to put their skills into action to help others.

Community Service for Older Students

For the Senior School, students are highly involved with community services. They are constantly looking for new creative ways to help the less fortunate. The activites they engage in vary from regular bake sales in break times to whole senior school sponsored runs. Below are examples of activities and institutions Alssonians support:

Ahbab El Rahman Orphanage

As an ongoing activity, our students collect used clothes, food items and toys for the orphans. As a school, we have supported this orphanage for a long time, we have managed to renovate their kitchen and construct an additional floor to accomodate more orphans. Also, in the end of 2011, primary elemetary students have managed to raise enough funds to purchase a large fridge, cooker and a heavy duty washing machine for the orphanage.
We pay regular visits to the orphanage to monitor the progress made. We take the students for visits to the orphanage to see how the place has benefited a lot from their donations, and how even the simplest things made a difference. Our students demonstrate outstanding behavior, compassion and care towards the orphans.

Dahshour Centre

El Alsson School students also support a centre for disabled, ill poor residents as well as disabled orphans in Dahshour. This centre supports people who are suffering extremely poor living conditions. The students evaluate cases provided by the centre and make a collective decision on the cases they want to support, where they raise funds specifically for the case and support it all the way until they see the result achieved. In the end of 2011, primary elementary students have managed to raise enough funds to purchase rehabilitation equipment for the disabled cases of the centre.

Egyptian Food Bank1348656247

Thanks to Mrs. Manal Olama, one of El Alsson parents who gave a presentation to Senior Students about the Egyptian Food Bank which added the EFB to the places alssonians support. For more info:


Basmala’s right to live, Run to change a life

The idea for the Run To Change A Life started in 2011 with a Senior project for a student in G12, Habiba Khattab, who organized a very successful sponsored run to raise funds for a seriously ill little girl named Basmala. In 2012, it was her younger sister, Wasila Khattab G10, along with Aya El Barmelgy who jointly organised another run, this time to raise funds for another girl, Fatma, who is in need of urgent back surgery. Only twenty years old, 1348656244Fatma had suffered constant verbal and physical abuse from her husband, to the point when one day he beat her up until she became unconscious, then threw her out of a third floor balcony, leading to her losing control of her lower body. Fatma is currently being looked after at one of the centres we support. Race days were full of positive energy, and a great many students and teachers took part in the 30-minute run. Alongside this, the event also included face-painting, a bake sale and wet sponge throwing.

Revitalize the Giza Zoo

The Giza Zoo was established in 1891 by Khedive Tawfik. Since that date, very little has changed- many of the enclosures for the animals are still the original Victorian cages. 117 years later, our knowledge of animal welfare and behaviour, especially of those in captivity, has vastly improved. Sadly, the structures at the zoo have not changed to reflect this. ‘Revitalize the Giza Zoo’ is a project started by Dina Zulfikar and AWARE (Animal Welfare Awareness Research in Egypt) to try to improve conditions at the zoo, enriching the lives of the animals there. They work together with Central Zoos Management, zoo vets and the ministry of Agriculture. El Alsson is proud to be part of such an exciting project and we hope to make a difference in the future in revitalizing Giza Zoo. Alssonians paid a visit to the zoo to see the conditions of all these amazing animals. All of them need a huge area to run around as they please and feel free. Many were captured from the wild and then put into a tiny cage. Others were born there, so know no different. Students want to improve the lives of these animals who live in captivity. Each time students go, they want to get things for the animals to play with. Not just the monkeys, but also the birds, bears, hyenas, lions and so on. All the animals are meant to be equal and they aren’t treated that way. Also, the condition of the hygiene is not up to standard. We hope to teach the workers how to be cleaner and take better care of the animals.