El Alsson offers after school activites for the whole school. The after School activities vary and differ from one year to the other.

Monday Fun Club (MFC):

MFC is Monday Fun Club which takes place only on Mondays after school and for Years 2 and 3 and Grades 1 and 2. MFC is offered for 2 sessions, each session runs for 5 weeks. Monday Fun Club offers Clay-Modelling, P.E., Cookery, Puppet-Craft, Discover Science, Needle-Craft, Aerobics, Jewelery-Making, Handball, Drama, Art & Craft this year.


Take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school for Years 4 to 6 and Grades 3 to 5. Activities are offered for 2 sessions, each session runs for 5 weeks. Activities offered for academic year 2012 are Handball, Football, Karate, Table Tennis, Sudoku, Cookery, Accessories, Salsa & Jazz , Collage Club, Papier Mache, Speedstacks, Horseback Riding, Maths Club, Football, Basketball, Cairo African Drums , Card Making, Chess, Journalist Club, Spanish Club, Sculpture/Tie & dye, Needle work, Arts & Crafts, Computer Club, Tinikling (is a Philipino folk dance)

Senior School / Middle and High School:

For the older students, we have a different structure for the After School Activities. Our After School Clubs vary from trimester to trimester according to our teachers and what they can do and what they offer.

Besides the after school music clubs, sports clubs, photography club, we also offer different clubs custom made for each trimester.