House competitions

The house system is a traditional feature of schools in the English-speaking world, particularly in Commonwealth countries, and originated in England.

The school is divided into a number of houses and each student is allocated to one house. Houses may compete with one another at sports and maybe in other ways, thus providing a focus for group loyalty.

The house system at El Alsson enables students and teachers from the various sections of the school to intermix, and gives everyone an additional identity within the school that crosses the borders of British or American, Primary or Senior. There are four Houses: Karnak (blue), Memphis (green), Siwa (yellow) and Thebes (red). A number of events take place during the year, which gain points for the House Cup, and include Sports Days and the Library Quiz.

For the Early years students; Houses’ names are related to fruits (Blueberries, Green Apples, Yellow Bananas and Red Cherries), to make it more relevant and easier for them but once they go to Primary School, they learn the real names of their house.


Primary/Elementary School


House events this year will be as follows:

  • Year 3-6 and Grades 2-5 will compete in Football, Basketball, Hockey, Dance and Rounders.
  • Foundation stage, Year 1 & 2 and Grade 1 will compete in Multi skills and Dance.


Results table 2015-16






Football 39 47 49 48
Basketball  36 47 47 38
Multi skills








Sports Week

Total Points