February 14, 2018

Y9 Career Presentation for the Career Project

Ms. Amira Salem has honoured us and our Y9 students with her presence as a guest speaker from Dale Carnegie on Monday February 12th for Y9 Career Presentations. Ms. Amira focused  on two main points during her session: Self Discovery / The skills and qualities students possess.

Currently, our Year 9 students are preparing their Career projects.

What is the Career project?

We are trying to prepare students for their GCSE’s and help them explore their options before making a final decision. We would like them to take two factors into account which will help them make a better and well-informed decision.

First, they have to undergo a journey of self-discovery in order to learn more about themselves. Then, they have to explore careers that might be a good fit based on what they have learned, their interests and passions. These are Steps One and Two of the Career Planning Process.  They may go online, to be able to find a wealth of information about any career that comes to their minds, but learning about themselves will take a lot more effort. After exploring all the possible careers that they wish to pursue, students need to narrow it down to 2 jobs that they would like to research.
Next, it is important for students to understand the skills and qualities they possess and if it is fit for their chosen career(s) or not. If their skills don’t match their chosen occupation, students must list down the required skills of them in the workplace and how it can be attained. Students are required to create an Occupational |Research Report that contains a description of their two chosen jobs/careers and what is expected of them. The aim of this project is to give students all the tools they need to help them make the right choices when choosing their GCSE subjects .

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