June 19, 2019

Congratulating Karnak on the Junior Library Quiz

Yesterday saw a hot competition between Memphis, Karnak, Siwa & Thebes as our Y5/6 & G4/5 students took part in their first cross-school general knowledge library quiz.
Both, the students representing the different houses & the audience had great fun answering interesting questions about Sports, Science, Maths, English, Geography, Children’s Books, Authors & Famous Characters…..
We are very proud of the great teamwork & general knowledge we’ve witnessed!
Special thanks to Mr. Mostafa El Shishiny who took the initiative & organized the competition along with our Head Librarians, Ms. Claire Roberts & Ms. Helena Trevor.
We are happy to announce that the winning house is………KARNAK!
Well done to the team representing Karnak. Each member has won a 200 LE voucher to buy books! The vouchers were a generous gift from the Readers Corner Bookshop; thank you!

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