G11 Challengers Share their Experience

It all started when our English teachers insisted on Omar Samra giving us his presentation about his life, and The Omar Samra Challenge. At the beginning, the whole grade level were inspired and were into the challenge; but as time passed by, things changed, and all of our grade level groups dropped out of the challenge, due to our SAT’s, final exams, Sanaweya Amma exams, and summative assessments. However, El Kheir were the only group from grade 11 that didn’t drop out. We started off our challenge by selling over 350 waffles to the primary school, which made us gain about LE 6500 in exactly 2 weeks! Later, we had a car wash failure project, since a sandstorm decided to pass by and say Hello. After our spring break, we had one week to organise for our ‘Water War’ event at school. The event was held after school, where we supplied the students with water balloons, hoses, and sprinklers! We had our school canteen stay for extra 2 hours, and had a BBQ! However, we didn’t gain a lot of money out of this event. As for our last event, we had a bake sale on the last day of the challenge, where we sold cookies, cupcakes, and banana loaf slices; which still didn’t help us gain a lot of money either. Finally, it was a great experience; we put a lot of effort in our events, we managed to keep them original and creative. We learned a lot,  faced a lot of challenges, worked hard, faced frustrations, had fights but at the end, we managed to raise awareness, and managed to collect a lot of money for The RTLA. Thank you Omar Samra, for making us a part in this challenge.              

   Written By: El Kheir Foundation