Rokaya’s Special Visit to the Senior School

El Alsson School – October 2013. Rokaya, El Alsson’s World Care Patient paid a visit to the senior students early in October so that they could see how she has progressed following her operations. What a difference their efforts, commitment, compassion and donations made to the beautiful little girl.
3 years ago a senior student, named Arzoo, saw Rokaya in the hands of her crying mother in one of Operation Smile’s missions. She approached the mother and learned that Rokaya was born with two mouths; she would eventually die if nothing is done about it. She also learned that Rokaya qualifies as a world care patient because she cannot be helped in Egypt. She needs to travel to the United States to undergo several operations.
El Alsson school students decided to adopt Rokaya’s case and to help her all the way. Alssonians raised enough funds over the past three years to send Rokaya to the USA to have her first operation. Rokaya is still in need of more operations however she has travelled a long road already with the support and help of El Alsson students. Tamer, Rokaya’s father, said that when he went to the USA, the Doctors asked him how they managed to get there.  He told them that there is this school in Egypt named El Alsson, with Egyptian students with kind hearts who helped her,  supported them and did their best to get them to that point.
The visit was so emotional. Students were very excited to finally see Rokaya again and they were fantastic! After Tamer’s speech to the students, they all came by to greet Rokaya, giving her hugs, kisses and handshakes.  Some also went to the school canteen especially to buy her juices, chocolates and candy.  During Tamer’s speech, he talked about how Rokaya feels at home when she is at El Alsson and how that all Alssonians are brothers and sisters of baby Rokaya. He also added that El Alsson students are very understanding of her case and never make her feel abnormal. He also explained that there was a school concert at Rokayas elder brother’s school and that the students there were not as understanding, nor as culturally aware, as Alssonians. They pointed at Rokaya when they saw her and made Abdel Rahman, her big brother, and the whole family very uncomfortable.
The school cannot be more proud of our responsible young adults who gave up a lot to help out Rokaya.