Charity Overview and Progress

El Alsson is a caring school committed to helping those less fortunate in our society.
We are rightly proud of all that we do and want to share this with you!!!
The Charity Committee helps 2 orphanages, 26 families in need and 2 surgical cases per annum.
1.    Noor Al Iman Orphanage: 9 boys and 7 girls between 3-9 year olds
2.    The disabled orphanage in Dahshour
*26 Families residing in Dar El Salam, Shabramant, El Zawya el Hamra, and Dahshour as well as Abees; a village beside Alexandria
*Annually, we support and sponsor 2 surgical cases


Charity Progress

Families: (poor families and 4 families with orphan children with no father)

•    Payment of rent for the ones in need.
•    Providing medications.
•    School Tuition Fees.
•    Furniture needed for their homes to enhance their welfare and living conditions.
•    If need be, surgical or medications as well.


•    Purchased fans for Noor Al Iman as well as a Television and a Washing Machine. We also bought dried food, toys and old clothes for the children.
•    We provided Dahshour with medications, dried food and some old clothes.
*Surgical Cases:
•    For one of the families we support; (Aleya @Dar El Salam), we changed 2 knees for Aleya’s 16 year old daughter.
•    Fatma; we have tested the instrument she needs to get implanted to check if her body will accept or reject it before we actually purchase the instrument. And thankfully, her body responded well and now we need to raise funds to purchase it and implant it in Fatma to help her move.
•    Mahmoud Hamdy; a member of one of the families we support, needed monthly injections (Domoor El Ghodda) – Since November 2012
Special thanks go to El Alsson School owners  and all members of El Alsson Community for raising over 55,000 LE for the families in need as well as 20,000 LE for the 2 operations performed last year.

Charity Plan for 2013-2014

For this academic year 2013-2014, we aim to sustain the support given to the families as well as the orphanages since we have already managed to make a difference with their lives and provide them with decent living conditions. However, we intend to help them sustain their own income as well by providing them either with work, help in initiating a small business like a Kiosk or shop or even helping them out with their debts to start new.
At Dar El Iman Orphanage: We need to find a better place and location for them since they are in a rented facility in a remote area with no space for the children to play. We are searching for alternate locations which they can own. Moreover, we urge students, staff and parents to donate old un-needed electronic games and toys for the orphans to play with since they do not have the luxury of space to play with cars and bicycles and toys which enhance their large motor skills. We also intend to invite them on trips to the school to use our facilities.
In addition to the above, we really want to commit to Fatma and Basmala (2 of the cases we have been supporting for over 2 years)
Fatma: the girl who was thrown out of the balcony by her husband 4 years ago which led to a broken Bone Marrow. We have managed to have 2 successful surgeries performed on her yet she still needs 2 more. Currently, she needs an instrument which will be implanted in her body to enable her to move in order not to develop stiffness in her bones. As for the future, and if we manage to find some breakthrough development with Bone Marrow surgery, we shall commit to helping her out.
Basmala: Basmala was born with a very deep hole in her heart and requires a couple of surgeries. We have managed to have one surgery for her 2 years ago when she was four, yet she still needs another surgery to go through.
•    Blankets
•    Dried Foods
•    Clothes
•    Any old stuff would be useful for the families we support

7th Grade Visit the Pyramids

The American section 7th graders visited the ancient sites of Giza and Saqqara on Monday, November 18th.   We had the awesome tour guide, Ibrahim Morgan, guiding us through history at the ancient Giza and Saqqara sites. Students learned so much about their own ancient Egyptian heritage.  I was very impressed to see how much the 7th graders already knew about ancient Egypt.  They learned a great deal more.  We started at Giza with a lecture in front of the giant pyramid.  Students learned the history of Upper and Lower Egypt, as well as, the importance of the Papyrus, Lotus, Cobra, Vulture, Red, White and Double Crown to ancient Egyptian history. 
After the lecture students had a chance to climb the pyramid and take photos.  We then visited the Solar boat; a boat built to take the deceased King into the afterlife. The boat is 4560 years old and put together using NO NAILS! This was amazing!  Then we rode horses behind the Giza pyramids. What an exciting thing this was to do. 
Lastly, went to the Saqqara Pyramids and learned about the first pyramid ever built, the Step Pyramid, which is 4761 years old.  We had a short lecture at Saqqara then walked around viewing the awesome sites.  Just as we were heading to the bus, the most exciting thing happened…it started to rain.  How thrilled the students were to finally see rain!  How happy the teachers and tour guide were to have the rain at the end of the trip.  
The students will be doing lessons in their Art and History classes to enhance their experience of the pyramid trip.  Mr Knutson will have his students create a video to share with a class in the United States and in Art the students will design a self-portrait making them into an ancient God or wearing one of the ancient crowns.
The students and staff would like to personally thank the administration and owners of El Alsson for providing them with the opportunity to go on such an exciting trip.
Written by, Lisa Zupon
America Instructor for 7th Grade