The Cairo ICT Fair Trip

As students of the Advanced ICT course, we should always be up to date with new significant technologies. That is why, on Wednesday, November 5th, we went on a field trip to the Cairo ICT Fair. We came across many amazing technologies and got a chance to know all about it through talking to the experienced representatives of the IT companies.

All companies and professionals were there to showcase their unique products and services. A lot of well-known companies were there including Mobinil, Samsung, Nokia, TE Data, Lenovo and many others that have a huge name in the tech industry. 

Finally, we would like to thank Mr.Mostafa, our Advanced ICT teacher, for making this trip possible, and we would also like to thank Mrs. Helen, the American section Assistant Principal, for accompanying us on this enlightening trip.

Kind Regards,

Adv-EN class

G5 Trip to Abdeen Palace

On Monday October 27th,fifth graders went on a trip to the 6th of October Panorama. They were very impressed to see the real jet fighters and tanks that were used in this great war.They then went to Abdeen Palace where they saw a collection of weapons and armours as well as antique golden swords and medals. It was a real interesting trip and we are looking forward to the next.

One Voice and All Rounders Student Council Campaign and Election Experience

Team ‘One Voice’: American School (Seniors)

A truly novel experience; running for student council took us on a thrilling journey, unprecedented in its magnitude. From the first step of forming a team, our campaign was plagued with obstacles, made worse by the evident doubt we saw in the eyes of the people around us. The insurmountable  stress and pressure placed upon us were a true challenge, which we managed to miraculously overcome with one shared motivation; our resolve to give back to our community.

Our initially mocked at campaign was transformed into a striking success within one day.

Our aim was to create a lasting impression on the minds of the voters; one that was not built upon unrealistic and false expectations, but on concrete, coherent goals and plans. 

Our innovative ideas and resourcefulness coupled with our reputation as responsible students were what truly distinguished us from our competition. Awestruck, our rivals along with the entire school stood wondering how Team One Voice managed to emerge from dejection to success. Receiving over 75% of the votes was alone an astounding achievement; an affirmation that the voters knew who we were, and that they could trust us.

They saw in us the integrity required of a Student Council. Instead of defaming our opponents, or merely asking them to vote for us, we urged the students to make informed decisions representative of their own personal choices. One Voice was not only a name of a team, it was an ideology; a notion that none of us is better than all of us, and that in our unity, we rise.

Farah Oraby – Head: 

With her unrivaled dedication to her responsibilities and roles as a student, Farah is an excellent fit for the position of head student. Her zeal and determination add to her outstanding work ethic and ability to bring a positive change to El Alsson School. Farah’s passion inspired every member of our group, and added to the overall enthusiasm and vibrance of One Voice.

Nadine Fahmy – Deputy Head: 

Her equanimity is peerless. She is the bridge that connected together all team members enabling them to cooperate and reach their fullest potential. For every obstacle we faced in our campaign, Nadine skillfully managed to come up with pragmatic solutions, paving the road to our victory. 

Zeina Habib – Treasurer:

Zeina’s enthusiasm and strong ability to deal with finances is integral to the success of our team. Her organization skills and promptness will ensure that the council’s budget is in safe hands.

Amina Salem – Committee Coordinator:

Always bright and eager, Amina, with her brilliant social skills, is certainly capable of masterfully managing the different committees of the council, and ensuring the smooth flow of communication within it.

Fatma El Bastawisy – Comittee Co-coordinator:

Her meticulousness will surely prove to be an asset to our team. Fatma will serve as a perfect companion to Amina in the great task of directing the various committees, by guaranteeing that not one single detail would be overlooked. 

Farah Ouf – Secretary:

Her organization and superb note-taking skills provide her with the essential qualities needed for the position of secretary of student council. Farah’s alertness and enthusiasm surely distinguish her from the rest.

Seif Bassiouny- Reporter:

Amiable, ardent, and vibrant are a few words that perfectly describe Seif. These impressive qualities will prove to be invaluable in communicating with the students, and creating a strong link between them and the council. 

By Farah Oraby Head Student (Am section)

Team ‘All Rounders’ – British School (Seniors)

The road to our inauguration was arduous yet rapid. In a matter of days, our election campaign had come to an end. The sheer quantity of work we had produced in just three days was astounding. 

Our campaign started on Sunday. In honesty, we had a conception that we would emerge victorious with minimal effort. We were high on confidence: that disintegrated within seconds. Our competitors had launched impressive electoral campaigns. They had started with astounding vigor; in every corner of our school, students whispered about our competitors. The first day, our council returned dejected and hopeless. We realized winning would require far more resolve than we had invested. We needed to transform our approach. Mohamed, our head, designed outstanding campaign posters that individualized our council. We were different. We believed we were and it was time to show it. Our campaign had a single underlining philosophy; the school was ours. It belonged to our students, and it was time for our students to have a say. We would give them power through our innovative strategies. We believed there would be no more empty words.

We spent a combined 40 hours in four days working on our campaign. We spent hours every day in break, and around the building, persuading our students to vote for All Rounders. We were driven and determined. Perhaps our campaign was not the strongest, nor was it the most qualified. It didn’t have the smartest members; but we believed. We wanted the school to succeed. And that was our x – factor. The students saw in us a resolve and passion that no one could match. We would make a change. And change we will.


Mohamed Nasser – Head:

His superior intellect and cool head in times of crisis mean that Mohamed is a perfect fit for the head role, as he possesses the necessary skills to act in his role brilliantly and as well as efficiently. His contribution to the campaign has affected the results significantly.

Sherif El Masry – Co-Head:

Sherif’s quick thinking and leadership mean that he can help make crucial decisions and work towards leading the council and the school to success. His intense competitive streak was crucial to our victory.

Hussein El Bendak – Secretary:

His conscientious attitude, combined with his organization and a keen sense of perfectionism, provide him with the crucial skills and abilities to fulfill his role.

Malak Fahim – Reporter: Malak’s creative thinking is her strongest asset, and her keen observational skills make her the perfect person to capture the essence of All Rounders. Her creative contribution was incalculable during our campaign.

Ibrahim El Salamony –Promotional manager:

Ibrahim’s connection with the students had deliberately helped us understand and provide their needs. Ibrahim’s enrollment in almost every sports activity the school provides him with an invaluable outlet to promote the ‘All Rounders’ strategies and events.

Ali Shafik – Treasurer:

Always the frugal spender, Ali’s insatiable interest in finances, as well as his superior mathematical skills should mean that he would make a brilliant treasurer.

Mostafa Omar – Head of committees:

His people management skills are superior; he has a vast repertoire of real-life skills and can efficiently manage several groups. Despite his involvement with sports, Mostafa will be a valuable presence. Unlike previous years, he will enable the committees to truly make a difference.

This is why we are called the “All Rounders”


By Mohamed Nasser (British Sec).


G5 Trip to 6th of October Panorama and Abdeen Palace Museum

On Monday October 27th,fifth graders went on a trip to the 6th of October Panorama. They were very impressed to see the real jet fighters and tanks that were used in this great war.They then went to Abdeen Palace where they saw a collection of weapons and armours as well as antique golden swords and medals. It was a real interesting trip and we are looking forward to the next.