Long Lives Egypt

Last week, after the tragic bombings that took place in Sinai, one of our Year 13 students; Sherif Shahin came forward and asked to talk to the students during morning assembly. His speech was inspirational to everyone standing, students and teachers. His words came from the heart. This is what he said…well done Sherif, couldn’t have been said better. We post it now as it is ever so important for all of us to remember his words in such difficult times.
Over the past few weeks We’ve seen how the salute has become trivial and humiliating. Personally, I don’t accept this. Some may view the issue insignificant, others may not even care but the fact is that the moment we lose respect for our country, we immediately lose respect for ourselves and for our dignity.
So if we Egyptians fail to show respect and pride for our country, then why would foreigners even attempt to do so?
“Egypt is not a country that we live in but a country that lives within us”. To you and I Egypt is family, it’s where we’ve made our lifelong friends, it’s where our best days our lives have been engraved into our memories and it’s home because “Home is where the heart is”.
Egypt may not qualify to be the best country in the world and may not qualify to meet our aspirations but it certainly is our origin and it’s where we belong. Value your country and be grateful for growing up to find yourself a part of a historically great nation, which gave birth to what later would become known as ‘Western Civilization’, long before the greatness of Greece and Rome.
Last week 31 Egyptians died in Sinai in one of the deadliest terrorist attacks ever, most of who were soldiers including 2 infants. Grateful of what this nation has offered them, they offered their precious lives in return for its protection, continuity and security. They died so that you and I can come to school every morning and get a good education. They died so that we can live to pursue our future.
The least we could do in respect of those who died, those who became orphaned and those who became widowed is to proudly salute our flag and to sing the national anthem out loud because “One likes to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. One likes to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him”
Be proud. Hold your head up high you’re Egyptian.
Ta7ya Masr Ta7ya Masr Ta7ya Masr
Needless to say, the salute brought shivers to all!


On the other hand, the Primary School lowered midway the Egyptian Flag yesterday during the morning assembly in mourning of the 21 Egyptians who lost their lives in Libya.

El Alsson’s Football and Basketball Achievements Last Weekend

Last weekend, our Football and Basketball school teams have achieved another great success in the following tournaments:

ISC-C & CAC Junior Varsity Football tournament (CISSA) 12 teams involved:
Girls 5th Place & Boys Champions

Girls Team: Habiba Kamel – Nadeen El Shafie – Aisha Kais – Nadia El Kafrawy – Zeina Sultan – Farida Mohy El Din – Jenna El Gammal – Mariam Abou Aish  

Boys team :  Hamza Aboeu Ezz – Ziad El Laithy – Aly Galal – Abdel Rahman Hegazy – Mohamed Nasser – Hassan Bamby – Omar Hammouda – Ahmed Abdel Fadil – Omar Fahmy – Omar Fathy – Amr Sultan – Mohamed Badawy – Bassel El Sherif – Abdallah El Shorafa – Adam Kenan – Ibrahim Yassin (team captain)


CAC & MES Varsity Basketball Tournament 12 teams involved.
 Girls 3rd Place & Boys 4th Place

Girls Team: Aya Fathy – Jana Beyram – Lamma Fahmy – Malak Akef – Nada El Sherif – Hana Fahmy – Yasmeena Anan – Nour Ahmed

Boys Team : Adham Marzouk – Yousef Salama – Sam Dilley – Hussein Hamdy – Yassin El Dib – Raouf Tarek – Youssef Raouf – Amr Elewa – Omar Essam









El Alsson School is very lucky to have such a talented generation of sports men and women and extremely proud of their continuous achievements. Special well done for the junior varsity boys Football team for the outstanding performance and high quality football they have produced in the tournament. They were clearly the strongest team and gained the well-deserved title as the tournament’s best team.

JV Girls Football Team

A big well done to the JV girls football team for their efforts at the tournament at CAC last weekend.Thank you Zeina Sultan, Jenna El Gammal, Mariam Aish, Habiba Kamel, Farida Mohy, Nadine El Shafei, Nadia El Kafrawy and Aisha Kais. A big thank you also to Habiba Fouad and Zein Selim in year 12, for their support and encouragement and excellent coaching skills.

Myself and the PE department are all looking forward to a sports celebration Assembly in the near future to celebrate this years commitment to school clubs.

Miss Christou and the PE Department

El Alsson’s First Charity Fair

Last Wednesday, El Alsson had its first Charity Fair at the senior school during break time. The whole idea was to bring several Charity Organisations to display their lines of work and introduce themselves to students for a chance for our students to volunteer with them. Alssonians have always been highly active in charitable work and giving back to the community. It was a good chance to bring together a good sample of NGOs and allow the students to choose which ones they want to be involved with.
We had 7 NGOs; The Egyptian Clothing Bank, Sohbet Khair, Wataneya, Educate Me, The Food Bank, Egypt Equine Aid and The Egyptian Cure Bank.

Proud Alssonian Artists of Tomorrow

Alssonians and Proud!!
Nour, Rana, Khaled & Mariam have all had offers from Central Saint Martins (UK), after their interviews the other day. This is one of the most prestigious and famous art schools in the world, with many famous practicing artists and designers being educated here. El Alsson is very proud – Congratulations Alssonians.
We also have some extra special news to be excited about ( they have had their portfolio work recognised as being the
best seen in the Middle East!)

External Battery Charging Bank No Longer Permitted @El Alsson

Dear Parents and Students:

As you may be aware, last week, we experienced a small fire which started in a students’ school-bag. The source of this fire was an external battery charging bank (see images below) which was not in use.

On follow-up research, we have found that these types of battery chargers, which are produced under various names and brands, are not produced following internationally accepted safety regulations. There are numerous reports around the world of these devices spontaneously combusting and causing fires even when they are off or not in use.


External battery charging banks pose a safety risk to students and the school and as a result they will no longer be permitted on campus.


Additionally, in the interest of your and your child’s safety, we recommend that you do not purchase these devices and safely dispose of any such devices you may already have at home as left unattended they pose a fire-risk in your home.

Many thanks for your understanding and ensuring the continued safety of your child.

Kind Regards,

El Alsson School

Senior School Sports NEWS

During the last 4 few weeks our school teams have again achieved another great success in the following tournaments.


El Gouna Varsity Football tournament (AIMZ) 10 teams involved

Girls Team: Habiba Fouad- Nadeen Fayed – Zeinab El Safty – Zeina Gaber – Mariam Ramy – Hana Fahmy – Malak Fahim – Alia Habib – Hana Ihab

Boys team : Mostafa Omar – Ibrahim Salamony – Omar El Said – Mohamed Ramzy – Adham Galal – Abdel Rahman Amer – Mohamed Refaat – Omar Ihab – Hussein Helmy – Hani Garrana – Ziad El Laithy – Aahmed Garhy – Aly Galal – Karim Gohar

Girls 4th Place & Boys 3rd Place



CAC Junior Varsity Basketball Invitational International Tournament 8 teams involved.



Girls Team: Aya Fathy – Jana Beyram – Jenna Tawfik – Lamma Fahmy – Malak Akef – Mariam Emam – Nada El Sherif – Noor Ahmed – Nour Oraby – Salma Raouf



Boys Team : Adham Marzouk – Mahmoud Saleh – Yousef Wally – Yousef Salama – Sam Dilley – Hussein Hamdy – Yassin El Dib – Kassem Maamoun – Raouf Tarek – Seif Mashhour.



Girls Champions & Boys 2nd Place



Varsity 8 a side Football Tournament (BISC) 10 Teams involved.



Girls Team: Yasmeena Anan – Salma Habib – Hana Azab – Aisha Abou Rehab – Nadeen Fayed – Nadia Zein – Habiba Fouad – Nadia El Kafrawy – Habiba Kamel – Zein Selim – Zeinab El Safty – Alia Habib – Nadeen El Shafie – Mariam Mosleh – Zeina Sultan



Boys team : Ibrahim Yassin – Ibrahim Salamouny – Karim Gohar – Mohamed Refaat – Hamza Osman – Omar Ihab – Ahmed Garhy – Hani Garrana – Omar Refaie – Mohamed Shams – Mohamed Ramzy



Girls Champions & Boys Champions



El Alsson school is very lucky to have such a talented generation of sports men and women and extremely proud of their achievements.




G11 Ras Sedr Trip Letter

Dear Parents,

We are offering grade 11 a trip to Kiteloop a kite-surfing camp located in Ras Sudr on the West coast of Sinai along the Red Sea. This trip will take place over 4 nights, 5 days, from February the 20th till the 24th. The purpose for this trip is to strengthen the bond between year group members through water sport activities such as kite surfing during the day and campfires at night.

Students are guaranteed to be energized ahead of an exciting day of kite-surfing along the lagoon accompanied by dolphins. Also, the waters are ideal for wake-boarding, stand-up paddling and swimming.

We anticipate that the cost of the trip will be 1800L.E. This is for transportation, accommodation and meals. Please note, this price is based on 30 students participating, and may change slightly if the student count increases or decreases.

However we would like to inform you that the school reserves the right to refuse students who are underachieving or whose behavior, punctuality, attendance are not up to standard.

If your son/daughter is interested in a Kite-surfing course then the cost for this will be an additional 2000L.E for a full 8 hour course

To secure your son/daughter’s place on the trip, please fill in the slip below, and return it to Ms. Mai Yassin in the American Office along with the 1800LE by Tuesday the 3rd of February. Please be aware that, unless the trip is cancelled, all monies paid are non-refundable.


Jamie Gurr                                                                                      

Senior School Head Teacher


To download and print the permission slip below, right click on it and ‘save image as’