Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards and Edexcel High Achievement Awards


Each year, thousands and thousands of students in the UK and around the world sit (I)GCSE and A Level examinations. We are proud and delighted to announce that three of our students have received the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards and Edexcel High Achiever Awards. These awards celebrate the academic achievements of secondary learners in the June 2014 examination series. They are a reflection of our students’ enormous talent, our teachers’ expertise and parents’ solid commitment. 

Edexcel High Achiever Awards
Youssef Badreldin Abdalla

Highest Subject Mark in Egypt for GCSE Biology, Mathematics and Statistics
Highest International Subject Mark for GCSE Business Studies, Chemistry and Physics
Highly Commended Student Award – 9 A* grades in GCSE qualifications

Habiba Tamer Fouad

Highest Subject Mark in Egypt for GCSE Information and Communication Technology
Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Hussein ElGhazaly:

Best across three Cambridge International AS Level: Biology – Chemistry – Physics

Youssef, Habiba and Hussein are to be congratulated for their exceptional ability and this fantastic achievement. Alssonians be inspired!

Dental Care Awareness for American Elementary Students

Today, Dr. Nahawand paid our American Elementary Students a visit to speak to them about Dental Care especially that tomorrow happens to be the World Oral Health Day. Students engaged asking questions and learning how to brush their teeth, how many times to brush their teeth, the importance of flossing and brushing their tongues as well.

Special thanks go to Dr. Nahawand.

Model United Nations Conference


Preparation for any Model United Nations conference starts as soon as a delegate receives his/her country and committee. The delegate also receives the three topics that will be discussed in the committee during the conference. Some committees that might be included in a MUN are The General Assemblies (Environment, Disarmament, and Human Rights), ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council) and Security Council; each committee with it’s own set of delegates, chairs, presidents and topics.  

After the delegate is informed about the topic, heshe starts to research about their country as a whole to gain basic knowledge about it, and then the delegate gathers information on the country’s stance on each of the three topics. The delegate might want to start working on a resolution that could be altered by other delegations during lobbying and merging.


MUN starts with an opening ceremony, with speeches by the Secretary General and committee presidents. There might also be a speech by a keynote speaker. After the ceremony, delegates are asked to move to their committees for lobbying and merging.

This is a process in which delegations gather to discuss their country’s views on the topics proposed. If a delegate wishes to submit a resolution they must first show their resolution to other delegates to gain sponsors and possibly make alterations to the resolution. This takes up most of the first day of the conference. On the remaining days of a conference, the resolutions submitted are debated. During the debate a delegate might want to add, strike out or replace clauses in a resolution, a delegate might want to speak for or against a resolution as a whole, or speak for or against an alteration. 

At the end of a debate, votes are taken for the resolution and a resolution might pass or fail.  On the fun side all conferences include a social event might take place and finally, a closing ceremony wraps the conference up, with awards for best lobbyists and best delegates for each committee.


Personal notes and highlights:

El Alsson attended both the CAC and Hayat MUN conferences this year and I personally enjoyed both conferences.  I learned new skills and made new friends.

MUN taught me to speak in public, without being nervous. it also taught me to think critically and to reach solutions to problems, both conventionally and unconventionally.

The topics raised ask us to break cycles currently facing the world.

I would personally encourage all Alsson high school students to attend the many MUN conferences our school is part of, as an opportunity to both learn and have fun.


Written By: Aly Gomaa – Grade 9

Iceland Trip: A Unique Experience

Have you ever been on a school trip and never wanted to leave?  We, the Year 11 Geography GCSE class had the privilege of going to Iceland on February the 20th and had one of the greatest and most unique experiences of our lives.  After countless hours of flying (8hrs) and one transit, we made it to Iceland, the land of Ice and fire.  The trip organised by Mr Iain lasted 5 nights and 6 days, and was for our Geography IGCSE course, it was the perfect balance between education and fun.  We got to see the most breath taking views and scenery, like the Northern lights, including extraordinary waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes and beaches.   Although our trip involved a few cancellations due to weather (Blizzards, strong winds and sub-zero temperatures) and numerous hours of bus drives (5hr), walking, hiking, climbing and other exhausting activities, we minimalized our complaints and always worked as a group, each helping the other through times of need which made us form an unbreakable bond.  Even though we were not fully appreciative at times, every single one of us has come back feeling extremely fortunate to have seen and done such amazing things. We were lucky enough to have the greatest tour guide, Sofia, and driver, Trond, who were extremely patient with us and helped in the shaping of our faultless trip.  Thank you to Mr Iain and Ms Chantal for being not only our teachers but our friends on this trip, without you it certainly wouldn’t have been the same.

Nour Hamed and Salma Seoudy.

Y8 French and History Trip Letter and Presentation

Dear Parents,

The date for our trip is fast approaching and I can now give you the final details.

Your son/daughter was given a “Code of Conduct Contract”. Could you please read it, discuss it with him/her, make sure that he/she understands the need for a high standard of behaviour throughout the whole trip and return it to me signed by Thursday 19/3/2015 .

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr  Hamadi Hasni

El Alsson to NEWGIZA Update

Dear Parents,


We are sure that many of you have seen the new sign at Pyramid heights that announces El Alsson will open in New Giza in 2017. We were a little taken aback to hear the news this way ourselves, but not surprised.

Our partners New Giza and the school have worked incredibly hard over the last 8 months to complete all the plans and designs for the new school. Work has already commenced digging the enormous foundations for 6 major buildings, but as with many building projects, certain government procedures are beyond our control and even beyond the capabilities of partners such as New Giza. Paperwork can be slow, especially when dealing with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education buildings authority, the Giza governorate, and the local Council of 6th October.

Unfortunately it takes the time it takes. The contractors estimate the delays to be several months which means buildings cannot be completed by mid-2016 which is when we need to receive them to spend the summer setting everything up. It is more likely to be later in the year. We then have to furnish, fit and complete all the infrastructure.


We will see how things go and work serious towards moving in January 2017. A few months in Haraniya then transferring to New Giza and to our new, splendid site, is something to aim for. It will take some planning, but we’ll do our best.


Best wishes,

Colin Rogers and Soumaya Amr.

Third Graders’ Performance; James and the Giant Peach

The third graders were excited to present Roald Dahl’s story “James and the Giant Peach” after they’ve thoroughly analyzed and discussed it in class.
“James and the Giant Peach” is a wonderful story about an orphaned boy named James. James’ happy life at the English seaside is rudely ended when his parents are killed by a rhinoceros and he goes to live with his two horrid aunts. After meeting a mysterious old man with magic crystals, James meets some insect friends and has a magical journey across the ocean to New York City. Throughout his journey, James learns the true meaning of friendship and acceptance.
Well done third graders for the amazing performance, wonderful songs & dances!


To View photos of both shows, please click on the links below

For Grade 3 R

For Grade 3 B