Celebrating our graduating Honors students

 We are proud to recognize the achievements of the students listed below.  Through their hard work and efforts nine of the Graduates of 2015 have graduated with Honors and seven with High Honors. To graduate with Honors, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA average in all subjects over the four years of High School that is from 3.70-3.99 and to graduate with High Honors this requirement increases to a cumulative GPA of 4.00-4.29. We congratulate these students and wish them well as they move onto college.

Celebrating our AP Results and AP Scholars

We were very happy last year to see 34 Grade 11 and 12 participating in the 2nd  year of our challenging Advanced Placement (AP) program. A total of 59 exams were sat by El Alsson students in May 2015 and our results are very promising for this new and growing program. The AP Program provides students the opportunity to take university-level courses while in High School. Students receiving scores of 3, 4 or 5 on the CollegeBoard’s AP exams can receive advance university credit from thousands of post-secondary institutions around the world. For most students, the 2015 exam sitting was their first AP exam experience.


Our students have done extremely well on our 2015 AP exams:


Score                                                                                      Percentage of exams receiving score

5              (extremely well-qualified)                10%       

4              (well qualified)                                     27%       

3              (qualified)                                                             37%       



Of the subjects for which El Alsson students took exams, 60% of AP exams in Egypt received a score of 3 or above and 58% of exams taken globally received a score of 3 or above.

El Alsson has topped the Egyptian and global average with 74% of exams receiving a score of 3 or above


An extra special congratulations to our 2015 AP Scholar Award recipients. 


Students who have achieved a score of 3 or above on three or more AP exams receive a CollegeBoard AP Scholar Award. The 2015 recipients are: 


Omar Abdelfattah              G12

Mona Abdou                                        G12

Ahmed Sourani                    G11

Amr Genina                                          G11

Dina Mohamed                   G11


Students who have received an score of 3 or higher on four or more AP exams and an average score of at least 3.25 receive a CollegeBoard AP Scholar with Honor Award. The 2015 recipients are: 


Farah Oraby                                         G12

Yasmeen Samy                    G12


Well done to all of our AP Students!!

Student Sycamore Accounts Down for Maintenance

Student Sycamore Accounts Down for Maintenance


Dear Students:

Students will be unable to login to their Sycamore account until Monday, August 31st (G9) and Tuesday, September 1st (G6-7, 10-11) while the site is being updated and maintained for the new academic year. 


We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to seeing you next week. 

The American Leadership Team