El Alsson ever so proud

International team presents the first-ever 3D chocolate printer built with fischertechnik tools


On 16 December 2015, a team of 6 international students won the EE3-prize at Campus Group T during the final day of the Engineering Experiences Competition.

Engineering Experiences are curriculum-wide learning experiences spread across the entire study programme.  Students take on challenging projects in which they develop their engineering and design skills.  The teams in the second bachelor’s stage receive the following assignment: build a sensor-driven robot that can be controlled from a computer

At the final day of the competition the best teams demonstrate their creations: a sandwich making machine, an automatic goal keeper, a robot clock, a solar sunshade, an intelligent chicken coop, etc.

The Chocolate Robot Team of Hannah Davidoff (USA), Youssef El Laithy (Egypt), Vladyslav Neshta (Ukraïne), Jesheena Appalsawmy (Mauritius), Ibrahim Issa (Egypt) and George Athanassoulis Makris (Greece) was acclaimed as the winner with the first-ever 3D chocolate printer built with fischertechnik tools.

Welcome to the New PSA 2015-2016

We would like to congratulate our new members of the Parent School Association (PSA) for the academic year 2015-2016. Please take a moment to find out which representative is responsible for the section your child is in, as well as her/his email address in case you want to reach out to her/him. PSA 2015-2016 Representatives:

Ms. Nahla Samaha & Ms. Nadine Beshr Kenawy co-representing Early Years

FS_PSA@alsson.com, and Y1Y2_PSA@alsson.com 

Ms. Fatemah Farag representing Key Stage 2 – KS2_PSA@alsson.com

Ms. Eman Hany representing Key Stage 3 – KS3_PSA@alsson.com

Ms. Amira Shereif representing Elementary School –  ES_PSA@alsson.com

Mr. Mohamed Madih representing Middle School – MS_PSA@alsson.com

Ms. Amira Nour representing High School – HS_PSA@alsson.com

KS4/5 : No representative

If you are a parent with students in Key Stage 4/5 (Y10-Y13) and are interested to join our PSA 2015-2016, please complete an online application on https://alsson.com/parent/psa


Y12/13 Mock Exams – 17 Dec to 22 Dec.

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Re: Year 12/13 Mock Examination


As you will be aware, all students in the Sixth Form will start taking their mock GCE examinations on Thursday 17 December.


We regard the mock examinations as an important step along the road towards A Level success and our aim is for these trial exams to provide a thorough preparation for the students’ real GCE examinations in Business Studies/Economics in January and all subjects in May/June, so it is crucial that they are taken seriously. Please encourage your son/daughter to manage their time effectively and put in maximum effort into their revision as a strong performance here will give students confidence and motivation to face the rest of the academic year.  Success in these exams will also allow teachers to predict higher GCE A Level grades in relation to university applications.


Mock exams will take place from Thursday 17 December to Tuesday 22 December.

Here below is the exams’ timetable.


Please note that Y12 students will take their exams in:

Economics: Wed 9 Dec – P7&8

Business Studies: Thu 10 Dec – P7&8

Government & Politics: Mon 14 Dec – P7&8.


There will be no study leave before the mock exams start. However, in order to give students a realistic sense of the examination period, students will be allowed to arrive after 7:55 and leave before 3:05. We expect students to arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled exams and not to leave school between exams. When students are in school and not sitting an examination they are expected to be revising quietly either in the Sixth Form Centre or in the library.

Students will receive their mock exams’ results after the Christmas holidays. However, Y12 Business Studies and Economics students will receive their results before the holidays so they can work upon the feedback in preparation for the actual Unit 1 exams on 15/1/2106 for Business Studies and 19/1/206 for Economics.

You will be able to discuss your child’s progress and the results in the next parents’ evening on Tuesday 26 January.


(Last day of term: Tuesday 22 December 2015. First day of next term: Sunday 10 January 2016)


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me and in the meantime I would like to wish all our students to achieve their undoubted potential in the forthcoming exams. Let me also take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2016.


Yours sincerely,


Saida Hasni

Head of Sixth Form


Please click here to view the Exam Timetable