Invention Convention led by G2

Last Thursday the students of Grade 2 led the Invention Convention in which they displayed models of their very own creative inventions. The students had been working on developing original inventions throughout the winter break, and were able to come up with creative and useful products.  They also displayed their Invention Logs where they kept track of their thought process and addressed the problems that their inventions would solve, how they think they can change the world, and the materials they needed to create them. The Convention was a great success with both teachers and students of the different American Elementary School grade levels coming to visit and discuss the products with the inventors. They even got a visit from the principals!

Grade 2 Team

Pancake Day for Second Graders

Last week, the G2 students completed their science unit on matter. They learned about solids, liquids and gases, their properties, mixtures, and how to change matter from one form to another. To demonstrate, their teachers held a pancake day where the students sorted the solid and liquid ingredients that go into making pancakes, and observed what happened when the two forms of matter were mixed together. Finally, the students observed how heat changed the liquid mixture into delicious solid pancakes! 

Grade 2 team


French and History Trip 2016-Visas

Dear parents,


We will be applying for visas soon. The average processing time of the visa request is generally two weeks. However, this average is not granted. In some cases, this delay may be much longer.   All visa applicants will have to go personally to TLScontact in order to capture their biometric data. Young minors above 12 years old have to come in person, accompanied by their parents. I will give parents all the necessary documents for the visa (letter from the travel agency in France, insurance certificate, letter from the school). Parents will need to contact the TLScontact Centre in Mohandeseen ( Tel: 02 33313321 – 02 33313221 from Sunday to Thursday, 08:30 to 16:30) and book an appointment.  If you prefer a group appointment, we can arrange a group appointment in the first week of February. The parents will have to be there anyway. Can you please let me know whether you prefer to book an individual or a group appointment by emailing me on


Hamadi Hasni