Year 9 Reward Trip

On Wednesday 1st of June, Year 9, as a whole group, went to Fagnoon and Cataract as a reward for excellent behaviour and being great, positive role models for all of Key Stage 3. We spent the morning in Fagnoon and, I must admit, we all had a blast! There were Tree Houses to climb, and many different animals to see. We even made bread! However, I’m certain that if we had to choose a favourite activity, it would be the War of Colours. Both teachers and students left Fagnoon with wide smiles and happy spirits. The fun didn’t stop there, though! We were then taken to Cataract where everyone enjoyed a great afternoon by the pool and ate pizza for lunch. What could possibly be better?! I genuinely believe that this year, our few trips have resulted in all of us bonding over many different things and just enjoying each other’s company. We learned to work as a team and help each other out. We’ve definitely made memories that we’ll never forget this year. We would like to thank all of our teachers for making our last year in Key Stage 3 so fantastic! Also, Ms Sade and our tutors, Mr Sheraz and Mr Scott, along with the many other teachers who’ve accompanied us on trips this year, have managed to make this year one of the most memorable years of our lives! We can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for us and we hope they know how grateful we are and how much we appreciate all of their efforts throughout the year.

By Neveen Fahmy 9a