A Call to Apply for the Parent School Association

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new academic year. This email is to inform you that it is time to elect new members for the Parent School Association (PSA) 2016-2017.

For those of you who are not familiar with the PSA, how and why it works. Here is a little something to familiarise you with it.

The Association is made up of parents, teachers and managers. Each part of the school has a representative then there are two teachers, the two Head Teachers and three Directors.

What does the PSA do?
The main aims of the PSA are to contribute to the development and improvement of all aspects of school life (academic, moral values, sports, culture, extracurricular activities, equipment and organization) and to ensure good relations between parents and the school.
The committee holds a monthly meeting. Both the parent and school members will use these meetings to exchange information and ideas. Parent members are also there to listen to other parents in their child’s section of the school and represent their concerns and inquiries when necessary, and also represent the school to parents and make sure they have clear and accurate information.

If you are interested in applying to become a PSA member, please fill in the application on this link: https://alsson.com/psa-form  

(Deadline for applications: October 31st – Elections are expected the week we return from the half term – Week of November 6th 2016)

For more details about the PSA and the PSA Constitution, Please click on this link: https://alsson.com/parents/psa-parent


Key Stage 3 Parents Day – Monday 7th November

Dear Parents

On Monday 7th November we shall be holding our Key Stage 3 Parents Day. The day will run from 8.15am until 3pm in the Secondary building.

As usual, we will try to reduce queuing to a minimum by operating an appointment system. Each appointment will last 5 minutes. If you have particular concerns that may take longer than this, please may we ask that you make a separate appointment with the teacher concerned at another time. Your child will receive their appointment sheet during tutorial on Monday 24th October. Please liaise with them regarding a suitable time to book appointments with their teachers.

We hope that you will be able to attend this important event when subject teachers will be setting out specific action points to help your child achieve his/her target grades. We welcome students accompany their parent(s).

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Burnett

Assistant Headteacher

The FastForward Winners

The American High School students participated in the FastForward Simulation again this year.   Fast Forward is the first career simulation conference in the Middle East for high school students.
What they do is, they let students try out careers, for real…
If a student wants to join med school for example, they won’t be lectured about it, instead, they will operate on a corpse with real surgical equipment in a real operation room replica, under the supervision of a certified doctor.

Available simulations were:
Medicine, Pharmacy, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Photography, Business, Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Software Engineering, Mass Communication, & Political Science

It was a great experience for our students especially the ones who attended the business simulation as they had to compete with different teams to come up with a business idea (application) and get as many investors as possible for their application.

NourelDin Mahgoub and Malak AboulEnein (G9) were part of the winning team for the Business Simulation, the team won 3000 LE where each student ended up with 500 LE in their hands. The winning team got many investors, therefore they won first place with the highest amount of votes.

Congratulations and Well Done!



Welcoming the Senior School Student Council 2016-2017

Last week the British Senior School was delighted to announce the representatives for our Student Council. All members went through a rigorous democratic election process and were voted in by staff and students.

The Student Council will be split into committees and will work throughout the year to help promote positive initiatives that benefit primarily El Alsson students as well as the wider community. With such a dedicated, enthusiastic team I am looking forward to a fantastic year!

Congratulations to all those involved!

Welcoming the British and American Student Council 2016

British Student Council

Abdelrahman Hegazy – Head Boy
Kenzy Yakan – Head Girl
Amr El Abd – Deputy Head Boy
NourJihan Chammah – Deputy Head Girl


American Student Council

Maya Ghataty – Head
Youssef Fahmy – Deputy Head
Hussein Hamdy
Sara Taha
Aly Gomaa

American and British Class Representatives

Grade Level Room Number Homeroom Adviser Class Representative
6A Studio 4 Rania Nabil Nicole Khattar
6B 211 Mervat Nakhla Mariam Metawee
6C 104 Rebecca Cays Hussein Shaban
7A 309 Nashwa Ragab Omar Alaa
7B 218 Chris Broderick Lina Eid
8A 200 Kristina Brimmer Shahir Nathan
8B 307 Azza Fathi Abdelrahman Elghoudy
8C 217 Julie Mourou Mariam Sherdy
9A 101 Priscilla Barakat Malak Gaballa
9B 204 Russell Sanders Aisha Kais
9C 105 Viktoria Hadden Hashem Kais
10A 100 Sheila Tice Brownlee Aly Eltouby
10B 214 Magda Fakhry Omar Samy
10C 215 Anne-Laure Paillard Seif Ahmed
11A 103 Angela Mell Farah Helmy
11B 220 Chris Beales Jana Beyram
11C 222 Shannon Rich Leila Elsahhar
12A 212 Noha Sabry Youssef Salama
12B 210 Mohamed Allam Aly Elbadry
12C 221 Malik Khimani Razan Alwazari


Class (Year Group) Name
7A Kenda EL Taweel/Leila Abouel-Enin
7B Talya El Akkary/Selim Asal
7C Razan Tayel/Marwan Abdel Rahman
8A Hana El Sarky/Karim Seliet
8B Yassin Zakaria/Sultan Osman
8c Ismail AbouElFettouh/Yasin Ghazaly
9A Yousef ElMaghraby/Aleyah Daader
9B Laila Abdelhalim/Hassan Issa
9C Adham Farouk/Tameem Radwan
10A Hazem Mahmoud/Neveen Fahmy
10B Mariam EL Sadek/Mahmoud El Aref
10C Nazly El Adawy
11A Ammarah Yassin/Yousef Aziz
11B Zeina Sultan/Ahmed Seliet
11C Nada EL Sherif/Dana Adawy/Nahla Saad
12A Kessmet Sultan/Karim Farahat
12B Samy Amer/Hana El Banay
12C Yasmine Kamel/Mostafa Mortada
12D Nader Zakher/Esmat Selim
13A Youssef Nasser/Nada Abdel Halim
13B Ziad El Shoura/Ahmed El Kafrawy
13C Omar Khalil/Zeina Bashnfr

Year 8 French trip to France, April 2017

Dear Parents,

As part of this year 8 French curricula, we are planning a trip to Paris and Marseille from April 7th to 14th 2017. This trip relates directly to your son/daughter’s current and/or future French courses, and will offer numerous opportunities for the students to experience first-hand French culture, using French in real life. More details will be provided prior to travel.

We anticipate that the cost of the trip will be approximately 14000 LE (Flight tickets will be paid in LE and the rest in USD). This includes flights (Cairo-Paris-Cairo + Paris-Marseille-Paris), transportation, entry fees, accommodation and meals (except lunch) but not the cost for a Shengen Visa. Please note, this price is based on 30 students participating, and may change slightly if there are fewer students.

To secure your son/daughter’s place on the trip, please fill in the slip below, and return it to the Mrs Fabienne/M. Hamadi as well a photocopy of the student’s passport and pay the accounts department a 300 USD and 2000 LE deposit by the latest Thursday 10 November. This deposit is non-refundable and obliges the student to pay in full for all costs incurred.

Places on the trip are limited to 30 students and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis, however the school reserves the right to refuse students who are underachieving or whose behaviour, punctuality, attendance are not up to standard.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail frodriguez@alsson.com.

Yours sincerely,

Fabienne Rodriguez

Head of French


Information Evening for World Challenge Cancelled for Today

Dear Parents,

The information evening for World Challenge for today has been cancelled. We will be sending out an information booklet with the details shortly.  Your child has been notified and should make their way home after school as normal.

Thank you, Miss Jennifer. 

Dear Parent/Guardian,

World Challenge expedition to Nepal June 2017 – Parent information evening invitation – 19th October

We are excited to be able to offer our Sixth Formers the opportunity to take part in a World Challenge expedition in June 2017. The expedition experience will allow students to do something really unique that will make them stand out from the crowd. It will provide them with a wealth of new skills which they will find invaluable for their success in school, at university and in the world of work.

“World Challenge aims to support and facilitate the development of young adults through life changing experiences. In providing a safe environment for students of school age to explore the limits of their comfort zone allows them to grow in confidence and resourcefulness, both of which are key qualities to help build successful and fulfilling lives.”


World Challenge has provided us with the following proposal:

10 day expedition to Nepal in June 2017.  These dates should fall after the completion of all Edexcel and Cambridge AS examinations and will be confirmed once deposits have been received.  Activities during the expedition students will include visit to Kathmandu, carrying out project work in a school or local community, trekking in the Helambu region of the Himalayas and conclude with white water rafting.

The World Challenge all-inclusive cost for the expedition is $2,530.00. Excluded from the cost are visas, vaccinations, insurance of personal items and pocket money.

As a school, we are fully aware of the current financial pressures on families, but we also feel that this is such a valuable experience for our students. World Challenge encourages the students to raise the money themselves and we will support student-led fundraising initiatives such as organising events, making/selling goods or even getting a summer job. However much we would like students to raise at least half of the cost themselves, we have to assume that the full amount will be paid by parents.

In order to initiate the booking process and to secure your child a place on the trip World Challenge requests a deposit of $730.00 by 9th November (world challenge wants deposit by Nov 2nd but we are still in half term)

Please fill in the slip below to express your child’s interest and your support. You are invited to the expedition information evening, on Wednesday 19th October where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear all about the amazing challenges that your child will have the chance to experience.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me or visit the World Challenge website: www.world-challenge.ae.

Yours sincerely,

Chantal Dunand Clarke

Leadership Programme Coordinator


Extracurricular clubs (ECA’s) Senior School

Dear Parents,

This year El Alsson School and staff are committed to offering more exciting lunchtime and afterschool extracurricular clubs (ECA’s) than ever before. We will commence Term 1’s ECA clubs for students on Monday, 17th of October 2016 which will run for 8 weeks. We are offering a wide range of activities that will support students’ development in creative and performing arts as well as academic areas. In addition, students that have been selected to play for one of the school sports teams will be able train with the squad, on a more permanent basis during break time and after school.

These activities will be held on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.20pm – 4.30pm or during the lunchtime break. The cost for these clubs is shown below:

Term 1 Break time Clubs (no cost)

Term 1 After-school clubs, including sports clubs (cost of 250 LE for 8 weeks transportation)

Each club will operate on a first come first served basis. Spaces within some clubs are limited. To book a place within a club, please return the reply slip with the transportation money (if required) to the reception. Closing date for signing up to a Term 1 club is Sunday, 16th October 2016.

* The transportation cost stated is for 1 club only for the whole of term 1.

** Please be aware that 6th October buses will be operating on a 3 drop point service.

Kind regards,

The El Alsson staff

Term 1 ECA Timetable


Day Break time Afterschool
Sun News Broadcasting Club KS4/5 GCSE +AL Support
Animal Care
Mon Yr 8 Maths


History of Music Making Postcards

for Charity

Model United Nations
Maths Club English Support KS3 Science Club School sport team practice
Tues De-stress Mandala Drawing De-stress Mandala


Boxercise Cake Decorating


KS4 Chemistry


Yr 9 Maths


Teaching English to Village Children School sport team practice
KS3 French


Chess Club
Wed Yr 8 Shakespeare


Cricket Introduction to


Ukelele Club Yr7 Support


School sport team practice Animal Care
KS4 Chemistry


KS3 Arts &

Crafts Club

Thurs German for



Animal Care

Please pay bus money (250 LE) at reception if required