Operation Flood Relief!

Dear Students and Parents;

Please if you would raid your wardrobes for any unwanted clothes (child and / or adult clothing) or blankets and your cupboards for any surplus dried / non perishable food items and bring these into school next week they would be greatly appreciated by the Food and Clothing Banks in order to help those affected by the recent floods in Upper Egypt/ parts of the Sinai Peninsula.

Our thanks to our E.Y. P.S.A members for raising awareness and Mrs Olama for being our contact with the Clothing/ Food Banks.

Many thanks, EA

School Response to Current Financial Crisis

Dear Parents,

Obviously there is a lot of anxiety regarding school fees in the short term and the long term.  Times are difficult for all of us so we wanted to assure you that we are your partners in educating your child(ren) and are committed to their success, happiness and welfare as we have been for the past 35 years.

There is one further instalment due for 2016-17 in December. As we are already well into the academic financial year and we understand that parents have obviously planned the cost of school fees, we have decided that the December payment will be at the same rate as the October instalment.

We have also decided that we will extend the overdue deadline for another 3 weeks to November 30th for parents who have missed payments of either April, August or October. The December instalment deadline is January 12th,2017. However, if payments are not completed by these times, they may be subject to different rates. The school has, to date been very understanding and is currently carrying the burden of some 30%+ of parents being late with one, two and even three instalments which seriously impacts on our budgets at a time when everything has increased in price.

In the long-term it would be irresponsible for us to attempt to make decisions immediately. Like any other business we need some time to look at everything carefully and logically and try and work out the best way forward for the school and parents. This work is already underway.

We hope this helps.

The Directors.

Y7 WESC Science Trip

The Science department in the British Section had organised a one day science trip to WESC for year 7 students on the 25th of October 2016.  They were split into four groups according to their numbers. Each group had the chance to make the following four activities:

  • Making hand cream
  • Making scented candles
  • Crazy crystals
  • Bouncy polymers

We were proud of our students’ general behaviour and the interest they showed in participating in all activities.

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