Further Information for Parents re. Alsson School –NEWGIZA

Dear Parents,

In reference to our previous letter that was issued last week, there are some points that seem to need further clarification.

Old Vs New Campus:

El Alsson School Management (Amr/ Rogers), along with all Senior management, the whole staff and administration are moving to NEWGIZA as of September 2017. The old campus will still exist as a school, however the Alsson management will not operate or supervise it and it may be sub-leased or sold on to an alternative school.


The El Alsson website, letters and official school social media platforms are the only formal source of providing information to our parents. We encourage parents to direct all questions to us or meet us if need be, and we will do our best to reply and accommodate. We understand that parents have their informal social media channels where they share information and ask questions, however, this can sometimes cause confusion and worry to some. We urge people not to follow unofficial social media channels and believe rumors; if it is not coming from our formal communication channels, please disregard.

Parent School Association (PSA):

It is important to re-emphasise the PSA’s role. PSA members have been elected by the parent body of the school to represent different sections. The main aims of the PSA are to contribute to the development and improvement of all aspects of school life (academic, moral values, sports, culture, extracurricular activities, equipment and organization). The committee holds a monthly meeting where both the parent and school members exchange information and ideas. Parent members are also there to listen to other parents in their child’s section of the school and represent their concerns and inquiries when necessary, and also represent the school to parents and make sure they have clear and accurate information.

The PSA representatives are parent volunteers. The PSA is not a complaints forum, nor are they responsible for official school communications.  All official school communication is distributed through our website, emailed letters and the official school social media.  Again, we encourage parents with concerns or questions to come to the school directly.

Best wishes.

El-Alsson Photography Club trip to Moez Street

Sunday 22nd after school, the Photography club organized a trip to Moez Street. Students enjoyed a wonderful walk  along the street which is located in old Cairo. The national government carried out an extensive renovations project which turned the street into an open air museum.

We were impressed with the atmosphere of the historic Egyptian art, statues of Pharaonic,Christian icons and the mosques with their wonderful engravings. Historical real life stories has been told by Dr. Hossam. Each student shot images which attracted their eyes. Sharif was fond of vendors and animals we encountered like horses, dogs, and cats. Hussein was attracted by the local lifestyle in this old place, but Ahmed and Bakir took their zooms to the historic giant buildings, and at the end, we drank mint tea in the famous Al-Fishawy cafe before we headed back to the school about 7.30 in the evening.

El-Alsson Photography Club team

Important Notice for Parents re. Alsson School –NEWGIZA

Alsson School –NEWGIZA

Dear Parents,

We have had several phone calls and emails regarding the letter we sent last week. To further clarify, El Alsson School NEWGIZA is a new school with a joint venture agreement between the Rogers/ Amr family on an ownership/management agreement with NEWGIZA.

In any new school, parents have to make an application for their child. The letter and form we sent last week is our effort to make this process easier for you. Signing it is considered your ‘application.’ There is no need afterwards to complete a full application form, nor are there additional application charges. By signing it you give us permission to migrate your child’s data from our current information system, to El Alsson School NEWGIZA. We also want to further support you by transferring your child’s file from the current educational zone to the new one, so that you do not have to do this yourself.

We are giving priority to our existing parents as we are your partners and we value this relationship so, it is essential that we give you first choice before opening up applications to the general public as we have considerable waiting lists and limited places.

By signing the letter it only means you are choosing to transfer to the new school and are giving consent for us to act on your behalf to communicate with, and transfer your child’s file to the new educational zone. If you don’t want to transfer, don’t sign the form.

Questions that have been asked.

What are the fees for next year for NEWGIZA?

The answer is, it’s a new school in a new location, with new overheads, with the country in a new and unique, unpredictable financial situation.  So there will be a difference in price as we have always said. We are not ready to declare unfortunately, as there are a lot of market factors that are still unknown that are holding us back and we do not want to make promises we cannot keep.

El Alsson is a selective school and prides itself on its values, ethics and principles and will continue to do so. We do not want to lose any of you or any of your children; this has been a long journey and a lot of you have lived this journey with us and it is finally underway. A beautiful new campus in the heart of a fantastic development that can only enhance the teaching and children’s learning experience and our ability to serve you, the parents, better.

So, please be patient. We have promised we are not going to peg to the dollar. We will not be at the top end of the international school market, nor will we be at the bottom end. Please don’t listen to rumors that the school will double or triple its fees as we will not do that; we will be as fair as we can within the market range. Again, please understand that all reputable international schools are in the same situation and are unable to declare fees at this time.
What happens if we can’t afford the new school? We have always tried to stand by our parents, created installment/payment plans and helped as and where we can; we will continue to do so on a case-by-case basis.

If we sign can we change our minds? the answer is ‘Yes, of course’. No one is forcing you to transfer.

What will happen to the old existing site? This site could continue. However it is not preferable as our efforts and focus will be on the new NEWGIZA project.

We want you to be assured that we are here to help, facilitate and support to the best of our abilities. This has been a very bumpy year and continues to be so. Like all other organizations in Egypt we have been hit hard. We have to serve the interests of the students, our staff and our parents as best as we can. We have tried to be very supportive of you this year with regards to the economic situation in the country, keeping our prices as stable as possible. We continue to serve your children to the best of our abilities in terms of teaching and learning under the current circumstances.

We hope this clarifies matters and would ask that if you have any inquiries, to direct them through the formal school channels and to be most cautious of unofficial information spread on social media that causes confusion and anxiety. We will do our very best to assist and accommodate with any questions you have directly.

Best wishes,


Year 11 Options Evening

Year 11 Options Evening

Wednesday 1st February

2.30pm – 4.30pm

Dear Parents,

The time has come where Year 11 will begin making their option choices for the next Key Stage. The transition from GCSE to A Levels is a big step, one we would like to make as stress free as possible. We would like to invite you and your son/daughter to the Year 11 Options Evening at El Alsson on Wednesday 1st February, starting at 2.30pm and finishing at 4.30pm.

The Options Evening will begin with a short introduction which will be delivered by Miss Jennifer Burnett, Head of Sixth form, Ms Sade Singh, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Ms Chantal Clarke, Leadership Programme Coordinator and Ms Nadia Mikhail.  The talk will take place in the PE Fitness Room at 2:30pm.

This will be followed, at 3:10, with a chance to speak to Heads of Departments, Subject Teachers and Sixth Formers with any questions you may have about the subject.  The Management team along with Ms Nadia will also be available to discuss any queries or concerns.

The choices that your son/daughter take will shape the rest of their academic lives and will have a major bearing on their future careers.  We realise this can be an anxious and confusing time for some students.  With this in mind, we want to ensure that your son/daughter and you receive the very best advice and guidance we can provide, so we trust you will take full advantage of the help that is offered.

We look forward to seeing you and if you have any further questions about the evening then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,


Jennifer Burnett

Assistant Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form

American vs. British Education Choice Letter

Dear Early Years Parents,

A Hard Copy of the letter below was sent with your child today to be filled out and returned to school. If for any reason your child lost the letter, please print it off and fill it up. This letter is for you to choose whether your child will continue in the British or the American system next year.





Alssonians’ High Achievers Awards


Edexcel and Cambridge High Achiever Awards:

Edexcel 2016:

Highest Mark in Africa – GCE A Level Business Studies – AbdElRahman Amer
Highest Mark in Egypt – GCE A Level Mathematics – AbdElRahman Amer
Highest Mark in Africa – GCSE Art and Design – Hana El Banany
Highest Mark in Africa – GCSE English Language – Youssef Barakat
Highest Mark in The World – GCSE French – Mostafa Zahran
Highest Mark in The World – GCSE Spanish – Adam Capdevila

Outstanding Learner Award in Egypt 2016 for Cambridge:

Habiba Fouad – A2 Geography
Mira Shaker – AS Geography

We are so very proud of these achievements – a fantastic result for both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. HUGE SHOUT OUT to our ALSSONIANS….

Notices for Years 12 and 13 Parents

Dear Parents of Yrs 12 and 13,

Firstly, Happy New Year to you and to your families. I hope you had a restful time over the Christmas period. A few notices from me to you:

As you know, this is the last full term for our Sixth Formers. Their AS and A Level exams are fast approaching, with some Business Studies and Economics Unit exams taking place over the next two weeks.

Excluding holidays and weekends, we only have 54 school days before the end of the Key Stage 5 year. After this, students will be on official study leave.

In order for us to ensure they are fully prepared for their exams, I urge you to encourage full attendance from now until the Easter vacation. I have not authorised any study leave over the next few weeks due to such limited school time left. Teachers have planned and prepared rigorous lessons in the lead up to the summer, by being present your child will benefit much more than unguided study at home.

As always, if you child is absent for any reason, please drop me an email and I will alert their subject teachers so work can be set aside. We will continue to monitor attendance daily and be in touch if your child is absent without reason.

Please also note, that your child’s long report will be issued on Tuesday 31st January which will include their official mock grade. Once I have analysed the results, I will be touch with those who I am concerned about.

I thank you in advance for your support – the end is in sight and I am looking forward to a successful term for Year 12 and 13.

On behalf of my team, we wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2017.

Kind regards,

Jennifer Burnett