Y8 France Trip IMPORTANT Documents

Dear Parents,

The date for our trip is fast approaching and I’d like give you the final important details.

Your child has been given a code of conduct contract to be signed by you and your child by Sunday 2nd April. Can you please read it with your child, discuss it with him/her and make sure that he/she understands the need for a high standard of behaviour throughout the whole trip. Their safety depends on them too. We rely on your understanding and full support to our decisions in case of misbehaviour.

Flights’ details:

Friday 7th April    Departure Cairo              00:30      Arrival Paris 05:30  Terminal 2E  Flight AF 567

Students must be at Terminal 2 at 21:45. (The new terminal is next to Terminal 3). We will be unable to wait for late comers as we need to check-in as a group so please be punctual.

Thursday 13th April    Departure Paris       14:30      Arrival Cairo 18:55  Terminal 1 Flight AF 570

You should arrange to collect your child by 20:15 Terminal 2

As we will be taking a domestic flight to Marseille, it is imperative that we travel light: 1 hand luggage (backpack) and 1 suitcase (max 23KG).

Students will be accompanied by 4 teachers: Ms Julie, Mr Hamadi, Mr Steve and myself

We will have a French phone number 00786 148 032.

We can then be contacted ONLY in case of emergency. Please do not call in case your child has been punished for any of the reasons mentioned in the code of conduct contract.

However there will be a Whats’app group for parents (as there is one for students) where we will update you daily (in the evening as we won’t have an internet connection during the day).

Pocket Money:

Please give the pocket money to the teacher in charge of your child in Euros (no 500 Euro notes please) in an envelope and label it with your child’s name and the amount. Please do so during the week prior to departure as we won’t have enough time at the airport. The money will be kept by teachers in a safe in the hostel during the trip.

What to bring:

Make sure they bring comfortable footwear, waterproof and warm clothing as it can still be a bit cold and rainy in France in April. You can follow the weather forecast on www.weather.com

Any necessary prescribed medication.

Do not bring speakers but headphones are allowed.

All students have a travel insurance included in the package. However if you have a private insurance or any other kind of insurance i.e. the one offered by TLS contact centre, could you please send us a copy of the certificate.

You’ll find on the school website a presentation of our trip. We hope your child will enjoy their trip.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Fabienne Rodriguez

Please click here to view full presentation with detailed itinerary.

KS4-5 Parents’ Evening Reminder

Dear Parents

A reminder about KS4 and 5 Parents’ Evening next Tuesday 4th April, from 3.30pm – 6pm. All students now have an appointment sheet, please do liaise with them the times you would prefer.

This Thursday afternoon, your child will be issued with their March Report, this will include their current grade and overall performance.

For parents of Year 11, 12 and 13, this will be the last opportunity to speak to subject teachers before students embark on study leave, which is closely followed by the start of the GCSE and A Level exams. We do hope you are able to attend this evening to gain valuable feedback from teachers in order to support your child’s revision.

Ms Julie Clarke and Mr James Bannister will be available for all Key Stage 4 inquiries and both myself and Ms Sade Singh will be available for Key Stage 5.

On behalf of the team, we very much look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

Kind regards

Jennifer Burnett

UK Universities School Tour @senior library

On March 29th, the American and British senior students are welcome at the library for the UK Universities  School Tour. Below are the universities visiting El Alsson. This will take place during break time 12:00 to  1:00 pm.

Study Group which represent

University of Leeds

University of Sussex

BHMS (Business and Management School)

Oxford International

University of Surrey

Bournemouth University

University of Hertfordshire

Canadian Higher Education Options

I have had a great opportunity to fly to Toronto with a couple of school counselors from several international schools in Cairo as: CAC, NCBIS, AIS, Hayah Academy and BSE to visit universities in Toronto and Waterloo hosted by the Canadian Embassy in Egypt. I have had the privilege to visit the below universities: University of Waterloo; University of Wilfrid Laurier; University of Guelph; University of Toronto; University of Ryerson, University of York; University of Brouck and Mississauga HMC (Hazel McCallion Campus) Business Campus -Sheridan College.
Parents are invited to set an appointment with me via the American office or email me: ashalaby@alsson.com to get more information about Canadian Higher Education.

Angie Shalaby

American Senior Guidance Counselor

Who says making a video game is hard?

Even a 9-year-old can do it.
Year 5/ Grade 4 started programming their 3D games on “Kodu Game Lab”.
“We want people to understand how fascinating what we do is. And part of the way we do that in ‘Kodu’ is we’re not trying to teach what’s scientific about programming, we’re trying to teach what’s creative about programming.”
Matthew MacLaurin, “Kodu” lead designer
Kodu Game Lab is originally created to make programming more accessible to kids, “Kodu” is not so much a game as it is a set of tools — tools that not only teach basic programming concepts but also make programming so easy and so much fun that almost anyone can dive into it.

Latest on Basketball and Swimming


On Friday 17th March 2017 a squad of 20 boys and girls took part in the annual varsity Basketball CISSA tournament at BISC School. There were four boys teams and three girls teams, both had to play all teams in their competition. The girls proudly have dominated their tournament wining all games finishing champions of the day and also won the sportsmanship award for their outstanding performance and attitude, well done. The boys also have played some good Basketball, won two games and lost one finishing 2nd place, well done.


On Friday 17th March our U13 and U15 boys swimming team took part in the Swimming gala that took place at BISC School. The boys did extremely well on the day, they competed in 11 different races, won first place in all relays, won first place for U13 breast stroke and butter fly, came second in U13 back stroke, came third in U15 crawl, breast and butter fly. Overall score is second place out of seven schools took part so they deserve a very well done.

Two Opportunities for Talent Shows

We have been contacted by organisers of two Talent Shows coming up and thought it would be a nice opportunity for talented students who are interested.

Please find the registration forms below if you want your child to join.

The Allianz Talent show

it is targeting 11 years old upwards because the first prize is a Music Camp in Argentina next year. Deadline to submit registration form is March 26th along with a CD of the talent. (Only musical Talents)

As for the Uptown Stars:

It targets all age groups – early years to seniors Primary/Secondary American and British. (All types of Talents)

Deadline for Uptown Stars: Uptown Stars competition 5th Season which will start with the preliminary auditions on 31st of March 2017.
Accordingly please fill below registration form for talents along with a CD with their talent’s video .. deadline for submitting the forms : Tuesday, 26th of March 2017