KS3 Parents’ Evening

Dear Parents

On Wednesday 13th December from 3.30pm – 8pm, the British Secondary School will be holding the first Key Stage 3 Parents’ Evening. This is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s KS3 report which will be issued the week beginning 10th December.

Students will receive appointment sheets from Monday. Please liaise with them the best time to meet with their teachers.

We look forward to meeting with you at our new campus in New Giza.

British Section Student Council

The British Student Council nominations are now complete and the first two meetings have taken place. Each tutor group has two representatives who belong to one of the following committees:

  • Events
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Charity
  • Student support (to include anti-bullying)
  • Media/PR
  • Environment

Each committee is led by a sixth form student and are overseen by the Heads and Deputies. So far the council has helped to organize fundraising events, a recycling project, teacher articles for the website and clothing collections. They are a very proactive group of young people who are sure to make their mark this year and I look forward to working with them.

Good luck Student Council!


Student Council 2017/2018

Head Boy Nader Zaker

Head Girl Hana Banana

Deputy Head Boy Yousef Aziz

Deputy Head Girl Celine Takla

7A Farida Amin/Omar Hefnawy

7B Malak Abdalla/Mahmoud Ismail

7C Dalila Mubarak/Laila El Abd

8A Yousef Hata

8B Talya El Akkary/Hassan Fawzy

8C Omar Abdalla

9A Yassin Ghazaly/Hana El Sarky

9B Zeina Soliman/Karim Shafie

10A Yousef Maghraby/Alia Daader

10B Mahmoud El Sabaie/Laila Ayman

10C Laila AbdelGalil/Adham Farouk

11A Hazem Mahmoud/Anzel Van Der Merwe

11B Mariam Shams

11C Malak Eweiss/Gasser Shanab

12 Jenna Tawfik/NaderSherif/Hana Soliman/Taya Farahat/Ezzeldin Ashmawy/Dana Adawy

13 Omar Fahmy/Salma Zaghloul/Abby Chalkly/Karim Farahat/Noujihan/Esmat Selim

11th and 12th Graders’ Charity at Giza

In continuation of our community service; grade 11 and 12 seniors have volunteered to do roofing repairs at an underprivileged village in Giza. While boys were busy in roofing; our girls were distributing home appliances to Brides..Thank you to Resala NGO for providing this opportunity
Well done seniors; you have brought happiness and laughter to many families.

Charity Competition


As you may have noticed Winter is fast approaching and the weather is getting cold. The British and American Senior/Secondary schools will be running a charity drive over the next two weeks collecting blankets, shoes, socks and any other warm clothing to give to people in need. If you have anything to donate please send it in to school over the next two weeks and ask your child to put it into the boxes beside the flagpole. The section that donates the most will win a prize (American or British)!


El Alsson U16 Rugby v BISC

On Thursday 25 October 2017 El Alsson’s Under 16’s took the spoils in the friendly fixture with a 17-15 win over BISC. Karim Agwa scored a truly amazing try all the way back from the 22m line. As it was the first time to see the boys in action it would be unfair to single out a single player so the whole team deserved a mention for their excellent play.

El Alsson U19 Rugby v BISC

All over in 20 seconds…
People have plenty to say about modern rugby, not all of it complimentary. Thrilling gladiatorial finishes like this one, though, are impossible to resist and El Alsson’s last-gasp heist at the BISC stronghold will rumble around the West Cairo for some time.
It was not a result carved entirely out of imbuia wood. The team did the simple basics well and led by their spirited captain Hesham Atef, who scored all three tries deserved the cheers from his teammates. A special mention to Hussein Hafez who stopped a sure try with a great tackle thus ensuring victory with 15-10 over British International School. I would like to thank the supporters and their chaperones, Mrs Enas SalahEl Din, Mr Bryan Lee and Mrs Sue Ellen Lee. The support was amazing.
The Rugby programme consists of U14-U15 boys, U16 and U19 boys and we’ll start with an Open Girls squad to take up this incredible game. The values of discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect will be at the front of the El Alsson rugby programme.



Tuesday November 21st

Dear Parents,

Parents’ Day for the American Middle and High School is on Tuesday, November 21st. We very much hope that you will take this opportunity to come and discuss your child’s progress with the teachers and we suggest that your child accompanies you to Parents’ Day.  Staff will be available to see you from 8.30 – 11.00 and 11.30 – 2.30.

When you arrive, please be sure to first register with our Senior Students at the Information Desk in the main outside plaza (in front of the Staff Room). They will give you information on teacher’s room locations and a map of the building. Schedule a meeting time by choosing a free time slot on the appointment form that will be found outside each of your child’s classrooms. Please stick to these times to ensure that you get to see each of your child’s teachers and avoid long waiting periods. Check your child’s teacher list on your Sycamore account and/or bring his/her class schedule with you as it will help you to keep track of who you need to see in each of your child’s subject areas.

Please note that as we share a number of staff across both schools, the following teachers will only be available at these times.

Mrs. Nada Greiss                    From 11:30am to the end of the day

Mr. Scott Snell                        From 8:30 – 10:45am

Mr Amr Attia                            From 9:15am – 1:00pm

Mrs. Enas Salah El Din          From 9:15am – 1:00pm

Mr. Hanro Van Der Merwe     From 9:15am – 12:00pm


In addition to meeting your child’s teachers, there will be a parent information session to update you on the various databases and tools available through the library for all students:

            Library Information Session for Parents               11:00               Library

PLEASE ENTER THE SCHOOL FROM GATE 4 WHERE YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO THE AMERICAN MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL. Tea, coffee and snacks will be available from 8.15 am in the outdoor student café area. We respectfully request that parents do not enter the Staffroom and a reminder that our campus is a non-smoking campus.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Yours sincerely,

Allison Fleet

American School Principal

Reminder: British School Book Character Dress Up Day

Dear Parents

A reminder that this week is ‘Book Week’! On Thursday 9th November, to celebrate, students and teachers from both British Primary and Secondary will be allowed to come dressed as their favourite or most memorable book character.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s favourite character come to life!

Ms Jen