Car users Parking Arrangements

Dear Parents,

Thank you for bearing with us these last few weeks with the construction and digging that was taking place in-front of Gate 4. Now that it is finally over, we are reverting back to our original parking arrangements and car students’ pick up and drop off rules.

Please make sure to only use Gate 4 for pick ups and drop offs as other gates will no longer allow it.

Parking will no longer be allowed on the Gate 2 road to ease the flow of cars going in and out of school and minimize congestion.

Cars will no longer have access to buses road for the safety of bus children.

This will be applied as of this afternoon.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

El Alsson U13 Rugby @ MES

Last Friday 9th February saw 40 u13 boys attending a rugby clinic at the Modern English School in New Cairo. The Cairo Rugby club with Guilame Roger and Ms Lucy Young from MES organized a successful rugby day. The boys were introduced to rugby skills and concepts that will help to make them better rugby players.

Rugby’s core values of discipline, teamwork, enjoyment, sportsmanship, and respect were evident on the day. The boys were on their best behaviour on and off the field and received loads of compliments from the other coaches. After the morning clinic the boys were to play in a mini tournament.

The first game was against the strong Cairo Rugby club but with Mustafa Mansour’s lightning feet and the team’s compact defence from the team El Alsson won the game 10- 5 with Mustafa and Sherif Mourad scoring a try a piece.

The second game played back-to-back was El Alsson v MES. The energetic team from MES scored early against the boys from New Giza but the team pulled together and with disciplined defence kept the attack out for the rest of the half. Sherif was the game breaker and scored a superb try on his favourite right side of the field. The boys felt the pressure and it is a privilege to experience this early in your playing career. The match was drawn 5-5. But it felt like a win after the pressure they absorbed.

Our last game was against BISC and again Mustafa opened our account with a lovely diving try. Youssef Nakhla scored the second try with great teamwork from the team. The piece the resistance was left for Younis Saadedine who after good handling skills in the middle ran half of the field in to score a fine try next to the rugby posts.

Cairo rugby club did us a favour by winning their game against MES thus crowing the boys the winners of the tournament. Younis has been selected as the player of the match and was awarded with a certificate in our school assembly. Congratulations to all of those who took part.  Well done boys!

Thank you to Mr Hanro and Mr. Reza for their continued enthusiasm, support and coaching assistance.

Hussein and Omar in the tackle drill
Mustafa on his way to a try vs BISC
Sherif holding the ruck pad

Y9 Career Presentation for the Career Project

Ms. Amira Salem has honoured us and our Y9 students with her presence as a guest speaker from Dale Carnegie on Monday February 12th for Y9 Career Presentations. Ms. Amira focused  on two main points during her session: Self Discovery / The skills and qualities students possess.

Currently, our Year 9 students are preparing their Career projects.

What is the Career project?

We are trying to prepare students for their GCSE’s and help them explore their options before making a final decision. We would like them to take two factors into account which will help them make a better and well-informed decision.

First, they have to undergo a journey of self-discovery in order to learn more about themselves. Then, they have to explore careers that might be a good fit based on what they have learned, their interests and passions. These are Steps One and Two of the Career Planning Process.  They may go online, to be able to find a wealth of information about any career that comes to their minds, but learning about themselves will take a lot more effort. After exploring all the possible careers that they wish to pursue, students need to narrow it down to 2 jobs that they would like to research.
Next, it is important for students to understand the skills and qualities they possess and if it is fit for their chosen career(s) or not. If their skills don’t match their chosen occupation, students must list down the required skills of them in the workplace and how it can be attained. Students are required to create an Occupational |Research Report that contains a description of their two chosen jobs/careers and what is expected of them. The aim of this project is to give students all the tools they need to help them make the right choices when choosing their GCSE subjects .