El Alsson’s Haraneya Day and Talent Show

Last Thursday was the final day of the Senior / Secondary Spirit Week. Today’s theme was (Haraneya Egyptian Day). Students came in dressed in traditional Egyptian clothes and costumes, had the chance to have Foul and Falafel for breakfast, if lucky, managed to get a henna tattoo or take a carriage ride and moreover they had the chance to enjoy the lovely Talent Show!

Congratulations to our talented winners:
1st Place: Omar Saleh G10 – Rapping
2nd place: Heidi El Fayoumi G6 – Singing
3rd place: Mariam Abed Y9C- Singing
George the donkey and his goat n sheep friends visited us from Maryannes farm. Visitors are welcome. Here is a link to the farm https://www.alsorat.com/


Ministry Required Paperwork

الـسـادة/ أولياء الأمـور
تـحـيـة طـيـبـة وبـعـد ….

لقد وصل لنا من قبل العديد من الاهالي تخوفات و قلق تجاه الاوراق المطلوبه من قبل الوزاره كاجراء لاستكمال التسجيل. نود ان نطمئنكم بأنه لا داعي للقلق والتخوفات، فان هذا اجراء مطلوب من جميع المدارس الجديده
(و نحن بمثابه مدرسه جديده) فقط لاستكمال الاوراق. وحرصا منا على التـواصُـل مـع السـادة أوليــاء الأمــور وتلبيــةً لرغبــات الجميــع وحفــاظاً عـلى المصـلحــة العــامة فقــد تَـم تعـديل بعـض النقــاط الخــاصة بالإقــرار الـدائـم بمــا يتــلائـم مـع القــرارات الـوزاريــة والقـوانيــن المُـنَفِـذًه للعمليــة التعليميــة، فقــد تَـقَــرر أن يكــون الإقــرار كمــا هــو بالمُــرفَـق .

بـرجـاء الـتـفـضُـل بـإسـتـكـمـال الآتـى اذا ما لم يكون قد تم تقديمه بعد وإرساله إلى مكتب شئون الـطـلـبـة بـمـوعـد أقـصـاه 29 مـارس 2018:

 صـورة بـطـاقـة ولـى الأمـر (الأم و الأب)

 صـورة بـطـاقـة الـطـالـب فـوق 16 سـنـة او اذا كـان أجـنـبـى صـورة جـواز الـسـفـر + الاقـامـة سـاريـة
عــدد 6 صـور شـخـصـيـة لـلـطـالـب .
تـوقـيـع الإقـرار المُـرفـق .
تحـديـث بـيـانـات ولـى الأمـر ( رقم التليفون – البريد الكترونى – عنوان السكن) .
مـع اعـتـبـار الـمـوضـوع هـام وعـاجـل جـداً .

وتـفـضـلـوا بـقـبـول فـائـق الاحـتـرام ،،،،

Dear Parents,
We have been receiving numerous phone calls and inquiries about the letter sent out with students with regards to the papers requested by the Ministry as part of the completion of the registration process. We are hereby assuring you that there is no need to panic. This is a normal Ministry requirement from any new school, and we are considered new.  So, with respect to the requests we have received from parents and to meet the wishes of everyone, some of the points of the declaration have been modified in accordance with the Ministry decisions and laws governing the educational process. The School has amended the form as per attached.
We still kindly ask you to complete the below paperwork (if you had not done so yet):

  1. A copy of parent ID (Father & Mother).
  2. A copy of the student ID (if his\her age is above 16). Foreign students have to submit a copy of the passport and a valid residency form.
  3. 6 photos for the student.
  4. A signed copy of the attached declaration.
  5. Updated parents’ information (Telephone Nos., Email addresses and Residential Addresses).

Please give this matter your prompt attention. All required documents have to be delivered to the registrar office by 29th March 2018 at the latest.

Thank you.

American School Declaration

British School Declaration

Basketball CISSA Tournament @El Alsson NewGiza

On Friday 16th March, we have hosted the first CISSA tournament in El Alsson New Giza campus. A squad of 9 boys and 8 girls took part in the annual U14 Basketball CISSA tournament. There were four boys’ teams and three girls’ teams. Our Boys played all the teams in their competition and demonstrated some fine skills. They won all games, they were the champions of the day. The Girls team on the other hand faced some tough games and their scores were tight. Nevertheless they played some fantastic Basketball, winning one game and losing another making it to the 2nd place. Well done and keep it up for future competitions.



Homeroom Teacher (Elementary) – American School

Could you be the next Mr / Mrs Motivator of the Classroom?

Teaching qualification that meets requirement of home-country (B. Ed)

Minimum 3 years post-qualification teaching experience in similar role and subject area.

Skills and Knowledge

Up to date knowledge of the National Curriculum of US.

Ability to plan and teach effectively using a variety of strategies.

Ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners

Excellent interpersonal skills with both adults and children.

Willingness and ability to work as part of a team.

Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

Ability to prioritise and organise own work.

Ability to work effectively to a high standard, on occasion, under pressure, meeting deadlines.

Knowledge of Health and Safety & Safeguarding/Child Protection procedures and their application.

Knowledge of computers and ability to use ICT tools for record-keeping and as an instructional tool.

El Alsson School Egypt is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Candidates must be prepared to undergo child protection screening and appropriate pre-employment checks.

Please email your CV, letter of application and a passport-sized photo to vacancies@alsson.com  including the names of 2 referees, one of whom should be your current or most recent employer.

El Alsson Senior/Secondary School Spirit Week

Next week the British and American Seniors will be having Spirit Week. Every day students will dress up in a different costume and there will some fun activities at lunchtimes

Sunday  18MArch : Celebrity / Character Day

Monday 19 March: Hippies Day

Tuesday 20 March: Tourist Day

Wednesday 21 March: Mix and Match Day

Thursday 22 March: Haraneya Day


School Closure for Presidential Elections

Dear Parents,

The Ministry of Education has made the decision for all schools to close for the upcoming Presidential Elections taking place on March 26, 27 and 28th.

We have received an official letter from the Ministry stating that we have to close. In respect to that, we will close and start our Easter break on Monday 26th March until 14th April.

To make up for the loss of Thursday 29th March the school will be open on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March.

Please note that Saturday 24th March will follow a Thursday timetable for all students.

PS: Any activities or trips scheduled to take place on those dates will be rescheduled.

Thank you for your understanding and Happy Easter 🙂