New Class Lists

Dear Parents,
Please find below the Class Lists for the British School as well as the American Elementary School.
The American Middle School Classes
The American High School Classes

Kindly note that classes have been arranged to make the best possible balance of children. Please do not ask us to make changes.

Thank you for understanding

Where should my child go?
Primary/Elementary students will arrive on Sunday and should go to the primary Elementary plaza. Staff will be in place to help direct students and class lists will be posted. For secondary students, they will be directed to the secondary plaza and given further instructions from there.

Primary and Elementary Class Lists / British Secondary School Class Lists.

Please find below the American Middle School Class Lists. If you cannot see your child’s name on the list or repeated in more than one class, please ask them to go to Mrs. Khadiga Hafez in the Senior School Plaza and she will guide him/her

Please find below the American High School Class Lists. If you cannot see your child’s name on the list or repeated in more than one class, please ask them to go to Mrs. Khadiga Hafez in the Senior School Plaza and she will guide him/her.

Bus pick up points and Opening Schedule (please read)

Dear Parents,
Please make sure to use Gate 4 for car students. Gate 4 will be designated for drop offs and pick ups mornings and afternoons. Exiting the school afterwards will be via three routes;

  • same road coming to school from Gate 2
  • the road going up the hill
  • The buses road (after 8.15 am and after3.15 pm)

Bus Arrangements:

Instructions for FS1, FS2, Year 1 / Pre S, Pre K, K:

  • First day of school- parents drop off students to school in the morning
  • Bus children go home by bus end of day.
  • Car children are collected by parents end of day.

Instructions for G1  to G12 and Y2 to Y13:

  • Bus Children use the buses as of the first day –only in pickup up points (will be announced later) for the first week and then return to their home addresses in the afternoons.
  • Car children come and leave by cars using Gate 4 Only.

Bus Pick Up Points (first two days only Sunday and Monday September 2nd and 3rd)

Bus students will be picked up from their home addresses and dropped off to their home addresses as of Wednesday September 4th.

School Stationeries:

Please note that we have a discount offer from Bakier stationeries. All school lists needed from Years 3 to 7 and Grades 2 to 5 are available on

Parents can either make online orders with free deliveries or go straight to the stores and pick up their lists with a 10% discount.

All other grades and years are also offered the 10% discount at Bakier stores for all school supplies valid till end of September.

School Uniform:

The Uniform Shop is available daily during regular school hours, from 8.15 am till 3.15 pm. As an addition and to complement the uniform shop, Dima Socks will have a stand in the room next to the shop.


Message from Directors

Welcome to the new year of 2018-19

First of all a big welcome to all of the returning students and new students, parents and teachers to the school. When we moved to our new site in 2017 the plan was to steadily expand the school from 5 classes per year group (3 British and 2 American) to 8 classes per year group (4 + 4). So far we are on track and in fact, we have exceeded our projections admitting more than 400 new children to the school this September.

Every year we have our normal turnover of teachers and we recruit from abroad and in Egypt to replace them. This year is no exception but with increased numbers, we have sourced quite a few more to cover the school’s expansion. As we expand, we are adjusting and better organizing our management teams and attached to this letter, we are introducing all the members of our Senior Leadership Teams to give you an idea of who they are and what they do.

To help you better understand how the schools are organized and who does what we have also attached organization charts for the two schools.

What else is new? The “New Year” – which hopefully will be smoother and easier than 2017 which must go down as the most difficult in the school’s history and lots of things that we have always done and are part of the El Alsson culture that simply didn’t happen last year. This year they will, and we will see extra-curricular activities, productions, better fixtures, art exhibitions, individual musical instrument lessons, carnival, sports days and all the small but important activities we do with the children.

We will also see two new superb facilities opening: our new Sports Facility with swimming pools, full-sized sports hall, fitness gym and café; and our new Performing Arts building with a huge drama studio, film and video room, future radio room, music classrooms, practice rooms and 220-seat theater already acclaimed to be the best small theater-acoustically in Cairo!

So welcome one and all! We hope for a successful and peaceful New Year.

All best wishes,

Colin and Karim Rogers and Soumaya Amr



British School Organisation Chart


American School Organisation Chart

El Alsson’s 2018-2019 Fees

Please find below

  • The full fees schedule for the British School
  • The full fees schedule for the American School
  • The Tuition Schedule for both schools, transportation costs, siblings discount and admission fees

British School Fees


Please click below for the American Fees

American School Fees


Please click here on tuition fees for both American and British, Admission Fees, Sibling discounts and transportation


The Uniform Shop is READY :)

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to inform you that as of Sunday August 12th, 2018, El Alsson School Uniform Shop will be operational. You can drop by and purchase whatever items you need for the new school year during weekdays from 8.30 am till 1.30pm (school closes at 2pm).
There has been a change in the final location of the shop, it is now located on the right of the admin building inside the Performing Arts – entrance from the back (please follow the signs when you enter gate 4)

The uniform will remain the same ( blue trousers or shorts, yellow and/or blue tops / royal blue for the little ones and navy blue for the older ones / PE white t shirts for juniors and grey t shirts for seniors) However, we are delighted to add a few additional items to add a more modern, comfortable and stylish flair to our look. These items include little royal blue skorts for the little girls (Yes, the skort is a skirt and a short combined – jupe short), P.E. Yoga pants for big girls, a unisex cool track pants for P.E., an Adidas looking cotton short for P.E. as well as long sleeved P.E. shirts. We are also introducing navy blue Bermuda shorts for big boys and girls as a test ( per order only) and comfy hoodies with front pockets for winter.

Please note that:

  • Any student can and will be allowed to attend with their already purchased school uniform.
  • The School Uniform Shop on Mossadaq street will remain open for the month of August and you are free to buy your uniform from there if you wish. They are already offering discounts on many items.

Enjoy the rest of your summer break 🙂