NewGiza Construction Clarification

Dear Parents,

We posted last week that NewGiza will pause construction during school hours for the safety and well-being of all students in the schools’ area.  As you may be aware that indeed NewGiza construction team have now kindly shifted their work schedule to night shifts instead of the morning shifts.

El Alsson will take further arrangements to intensify the cleaning taking place in the morning to clear out the residue from the overnight construction work.


Parents Workshop: Technology & Young People

Dear Parents,

Please find attached a flyer for an upcoming Parent Workshop that we will be delivering.  This is aimed at any parents whose children are in Year 2 to Year 6 or Grade 1 to Grade 5.

The purpose of the workshop is to support parents with the ever-changing world of technology and the impact it is having upon our children.

If you are interested please sign up using the flyer attached.  If you have siblings in different year groups, there is no need to attend both, so please choose the time most convenient for you.

Thank you and we look forward to working together to support our young people.


Sam Cuthbert

Head of Key Stage 2

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Dear Parents,

As discussed in the recent orientations, we are proud to announce that, alongside the UK National Curriculum, the children at El Alsson will also be following the International Primary Curriculum to help them develop into successful 21st Century Citizens.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is an internationally minded curriculum that is used in a number of countries around the world. The IPC provides opportunities for global learning – allowing pupils and staff to make links. The goal of the IPC is to nurture a love of learning through a combination of academic, personal and international learning. Children will develop many skills which they will need in order to face the world of tomorrow confidently.

To ensure that the school develops learning through this curricula, it is necessary that our teachers undergo specific training to help implement the IPC in the most effective and engaging way for our students.

The school has arranged for this training to take place on Thursday 17th – Friday 18th October 2019. This means that the children will not be required to attend school on the 17th October 2019.

We understand that this may be an inconvenience, however, in order to ensure that the teachers are fully prepared, it is necessary.

Kind regards

Mrs. Nihal Amin

Head of British International Primary School ( FS1 – Year 6 )

El Alsson British & American International School NewGiza

More about IPC if you cannot view document below

Primary and Elementary School Enrichment Activities

Dear Parents,

We are excited this term to pilot the inclusion of Enrichment Activities into the school day of our G1-5/Y2-6 students.  Enrichment Activities replace After-School Activities and provide the opportunity for all children to try new things, develop interests and hobbies, and engage with peers.

We will run two 5-week Enrichment sessions this term.  The first round begins on September 24th and runs for 5 weeks until the October half-term.  The second 5 week round will begin on November 12th.  Please do note that activities in sport and performing arts run cross-school (British and American).  For more information on the Junior School Performing Arts activity, please refer to the recent mail out of the Performing Arts bulletin mailed out to parents.

We ask that you please complete a brief form with your child to select his/her preferences for the first round of Enrichment Activities.  Please complete this form by Sunday 22nd September by 9:00am. We will make efforts to place your child in his/her first preference, however please do appreciate that some activities do have limited spaces.  Spaces will be allocated on a first come basis, based on when you complete the form. If you have more than one child in G1-5 / Y2-6, please complete this form once for each child.

The link to the American School selection form is here: American School

The link to the British School selection form is here: British School

Please see activity descriptions below.

Kind Regards,

The Junior Schools Leadership Team

New amended Traffic Flow to/from El Alsson NG

Dear Parents,

Since we have all experienced how the initial suggested traffic flow proved unsuccessful this morning, both Lycee Albert/Evolution and ourselves met and will implement a new traffic flow effective tomorrow September 3rd. Please find it below. Please bear with us as there may still be some fine tuning needed.

  • All cars for El Alsson only will enter from the road leading to gate 1. (Buses will use the buses road)
  • All Lycee/Evolution cars will enter from their other road.
  • Unfortunately…No student, parent or staff member can enter from Gates 1, 2 and 3
  • Drop offs and pickups for students by car is from Gate 4
  • Drop offs and pickups for students by bus is from Gate 6
  • The entire El Alsson flow is going clockwise in one way roads from gate 1 to gate 7
  • The Lycee/Evolution flow is going anti clockwise.
  • The only two way portion of the road is the portion leading to NG club.
  • If you want to take Palm Hills Road or Andrea road, then our advice is to exit from buses road (yet please drive slowly and carefully on this road to ensure safety of the bus children)

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation