El Alsson Clinic Mobile app now launched

Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce that after the successful implementation of our Bus Module on the El Alsson mobile app, we are excited to announce the new addition of the “Clinic Module”

The ‘Clinic’ module is linked to the student profile so that in case of emergency, the school nurse will know immediately if the student has any chronic medical illnesses or allergies.

  • If the student gets injured at school, the nurse will be able to add the incident to the system. This will send you an immediate notification alert via the Mobile app
  • Within the mobile app you can send a note to the clinic
  • It also allows you to view the nurse’s slip from the school clinic along with actions taken from the schools side.

We have been tirelessly working to make sure that El Alsson has the most advanced and up-to-date technology to simplify communications between ourselves and parents so that we may continue to excel and be up to your expectations.

For parents of non-bus riding students, Please download our app directly from the App Store and Google play by searching the name “EL ALSSON”

If you already have a user name and password for the bus module, they are the same. This is just an additional module to the same app. If you are a first time user, your user name and password are sent via email.

If you have any questions or technical problems please don’t hesitate to contact: Marwa Elsayed on melsayed@alsson.com

Please watch the below tutorial with speakers on.

Alsson Kheir initiative 2020


El Alsson British and American International School in New Giza would like to announce the Alsson Kheir initiative 2020.

We are always very impressed with the generosity and care that our families demonstrate during Ramadan. This is a tradition we would like to continue and develop. Last year we gave out 350 boxes and prepared Iftar for 150 orphans. We are looking forward to giving out more boxes this year.

As a school, we believe not only that charity and community service begins at home, but also that children benefit from giving of their time and efforts.

With Ramadan approaching, we invite students to make voluntary donations to support Alsson ElKheir this Ramadan. Funds collected will be used to support activities that students will participate in including:

  • packing and distributing whole-sale dry goods to create Ramadan bags to support our school-sponsored families, orphanages as well as support staff.
  • sponsoring an iftarfor children in need who we support as a school community.
  • providing additional material needs to local orphanages and families in need as we are able

Children of all ages, across the schools, will have the opportunity to work together to organize, pack and distribute items, while also learning the importance of teamwork and the spirit of giving. Students will be guided and supported in this process through our teachers and leadership teams.

A donation of 200 LE or more if you wish will allow us to make other families happy.

Please send your donations to the class teacher / homeroom / or relevant office in a sealed and labelled envelope by the 26st of March. The sooner your contribution is received, the faster we proceed.



Wishing you all a Ramadan Kareem.


Alsson Elkheir Team

School Precautions re: Corona Virus

Dear Parents,

Further to the email that was sent late last week from the Directors and Principals of El Alsson, this group have met again this morning and made the following decisions centered on well-being and safety of the children, families and staff in our school. All overseas trips will be cancelled for the remainder of this school year. Other internal residential and day trips will also be postponed or cancelled with immediate effect. The trips listed below are affected:

  • Cross School MUN Trip to Greece- cancelled (meeting on Tuesday is cancelled)
  • Cross School MUN Trip to El Gouna- cancelled
  • Cross School Under 14 Football Trip to El Gouna
  • British School Year 6 Desert Trip- postponed
  • British School Year 4 Trip to Alexandria- postponed
  • American School Grade 3 Trip to Alexandria- postponed
  • American School Grade 5 Trip to Sharm El Sheikh- postponed
  • American School Grade 2 Trip to Wellsprings- cancelled
  • British School Year 3 Trip to Wellsprings- cancelled
  • British School Year 5 Trip to Elsewhere Park- cancelled
  • British School Year 5 Trip Ras Sudr- cancelled
  • Cross School Football Tour to MedCup in Italy- cancelled
  • British School Year 8 Trip to France- cancelled
  • American School Senior Trip- postponed
  • British School Year 12 Trip to Hurghada- postponed to Year 13
  • American School Grade 7 Trip to Italy- postponed
  • American School Grade 8 Trip to Fayoum- cancelled
  • Cross School Early Childhood/Early Years Trip to Hakkawy Film- cancelled
  • British School Year 11 Trip to Brussels and Amsterdam- cancelled
  • British School Year 10 Trip to Italy- cancelled
  • British School Year 7 Trip to Wellsprings (Beit el Wadi)- cancelled
  • British School Year 8 and 9 Trip to Wellsprings (Sharm El Sheikh)- cancelled

Further details on the next steps with all these trips will be made known to parents who are involved in these trips once we have them from the travel companies and providers.

In addition, the following whole school events have also been cancelled or postponed:

  • Senior Sports Days (11th and 12th March)- postponed
  • Carnival (28th March)- cancelled

All other planned events, including class assemblies, the Senior production of Beauty and the Beast, the Mothers’ Day event and participation in the World Scholars Event in Cairo will continue as planned. Guidance has also been sought from the British Council and examination boards over the potential contingencies from the upcoming IGCSE/GCSE/AS/A2 Examinations in the British School.

The school has also taken the following precautions in addition to those outlined in the email sent last week. All students and staff who have attended the American School Grade 11 Cruise Trip will be asked to stay away from school until there is consistent evidence that they are not infected with Covid-19. This is in line with the guidance that the school has received from the Ministry of Health in Egypt and other authorities around the world. We are also checking the health of staff and students who have returned from school run overseas trips to Hungary and Spain over the half term break. All staff who have travelled overseas over the half term break, regardless of their destination, will also be checked.

The school has also set up isolation facilities and will be triaging students to separate medical and trauma cases as they are presented by pupils and students. Further equipment to aid this identification and maintain high levels of sanitation within school has also been purchased.

As parents can appreciate, this is a very fast-moving situation that will provide many challenges and developments. The school is committed to protecting the children, staff and families and will pass on information to parents when information becomes available. We urge all parents to work with the school to maintain a proportionate response to the challenges that we face and to support the school during the coming days and weeks. It is important that children attend school at all times as lessons and curricula will continue as planned. It is very much business as usual within the core elements of our school.

Kind Regards

Allison Fleet, Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers and Matt Topliss

El Alsson Directors and School Principals