Parents’ Eid Letter

Dear Parents,

A very Happy Eid to everyone! We hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holiday. This is just a brief note to bring you up-to-date on the school re-opening. After the Eid we will send you more information regarding our preparations and safety protocols, how the education options will work, how the school will function on a day-by-day basis and the opening schedule. We are still hoping to open during the week of Sunday August 30th.
There are, as you know, 3 education options:

1. A full school is opened with 100% students.

2. A hybrid opening with younger children probably coming daily and older students on a 50% : 50% basis in school and on-line.

3. A full school on-line opening with no children in school.

Obviously, we are prepared to manage any of the options but after various announcements and guidance from the Ministry of Education we think it is most likely that we will open as Option 2.
We are trying to be cautious so as not to confuse you with lots of details now as the situation is obviously dynamic.

So, let’s all hope for the best and we will be in contact with you again next week.

With all best wishes,

Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet and Matt Topliss.