Principals’ Communication Sept 29.2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support in helping us get the new academic year off to a good start. Please take a moment to watch a video message from our school principals.

Please also take a moment to complete the following PARENT REOPENING FEEDBACK SURVEY.

If your child is unwell, please take note of the following actions we ask you to take:

With our kindest regards,

Allison Fleet & Matt Topliss
School Principals

School Phone Lines Down

Dear Parents

Please note that our School phone lines are not fully functioning. To reach the school, please email the department you wish to reach.

Here are the emails and temporary numbers to reach the below offices:

American Early Childhood

American Early Childhood and Elementary 01273635407

American Elementary

British Early Years

British Early Years and Primary 01273636101

British Primary

British Secondary 01273636909

Bus control 01273635226/ 01273635141/ 01273635262

Clinic 01222119523

Fees 01273636112

For any other department, please note that we have a full list of emails of our staff members in each school on the school website under the American or the British main tabs.

Apologies for the inconvenience

Out of School Gatherings

Dear Parents,

The school has made an excellent start to the school year last week and this has been based on students, staff and parents following the guidelines that have been set out. We thank parents, students and staff for the collective responsibility that has been shown to enable our school to reopen this week and now operate at full capacity. Continued support by all members of our community will ensure that learning can continue in a safe and healthy way.

It is also important for us as a school to remind parents of the need to exercise diligence and caution when considering whether their children should attend any unsupervised social gatherings, particularly during the current global pandemic. It is essential that all young people follow the guidance that has been set out about social gatherings and the need to be aware of the potential disruption to their lives if a suspected case of Covid-19 occurs within their friendship circles or school year groups.

If a child exhibits any symptoms we are asking parents to inform the school immediately and the school doctor will then be in contact. The child should remain at home and follow the guidance from the school doctor.

Kind Regards,

Allison Fleet and Matt Topliss

Siblings Pick up Gate to Change

Dear Parents,

After reviewing the numbers of car children at different gates we are going to change the pick-up gate for the siblings from the Primary / Elementary Schools – from gate 2 to gate 4 at 1.50pm. We are worried about the number of students and cars around gates 1 and 2 and as gate 4 seems to be quieter in the afternoon and there is more parking space, we think it will be easier and safer for siblings to go out Gate 4.

This will start on Sunday afternoon, September 20th.

Thank you.



A Thank You Message to All

Dear Parents,

The re-opening of the school has gone well! We are particularly grateful to you all as parents, for your patience in following and supporting all the new rules and systems, and in particular for your politeness and cooperation with the new car parking systems. We now have more than 1000 children arriving by car which is a ‘challenge’ for any school, let alone a school serviced by a half completed road and a roller coaster entrance! By the way, our special thanks goes to Mo Tantawi, Head of the Parents’ Council who has been there daily, helping with the traffic. He’s thinking about a career change!!

We are re-working the ‘traffic’ video we sent last week in Arabic. We hope you can show this to your drivers and ask them, please, please, follow the system! The only problem we have had is some drivers wanting to do things their own way!

We would also like to thank you for the many complementary messages you sent us about the new parking system and how well the school seems to be prepared. We are learning everyday, but fortunately so far, there has been nothing major and all the small things we have discovered have been fixed.

By the end of the week, all the children will be back, all of them attending everyday and we hope very sincerely, as you do, that this is the end of on-line learning. Your children need a ‘normal existence’, you need to stop being substitute teachers and for many of you, you need to get back to work without worrying about what your children are doing!

It is very difficult to assess the impact on the children being away from school for 6½ months. We are watching carefully and we would ask you to do the same; if there is anything that concerns you about your child, please, please talk to us so we can help and work together. This is so important.

It is indeed time to get back to the (new) ‘normal’.

With all our best wishes,

Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet, Matt Topliss, the Senior Management teams, and all the Teachers and support staff

Pick up and Drop off Procedures for School

Dear Parents,

If your child arrives to or leaves from school via car, please watch this video below.  It explains new traffic patterns and drop-off/pick up procedures for morning arrival and afternoon departure.

We cannot stress how important it is that any person dropping off or collecting students from school by car are familiar with these guidelines.  This will help ensure all students arrive and leave quickly, smoothly and safely. Please do make sure you have passed on this information to any driver who may drop off or collect students from school by car.

Warning: 2 spikes speed bumps were installed by NewGiza infront of Gate 1 and Gate 3. Kindly be careful. Thank you

Kind Regards,
Allison Fleet & Matt Topliss

Updated Guidance for Parents on September 10th 2020

Dear Parents,

Please find below the updated guidance for parents should there be a suspected case or confirmed case of Covid-19. This guidance will advise parents of the next steps that should be taken in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19.

Kind Regards

El Alsson Leadership Team

Click here if you cannot view the file below

First Day of School Pick-up Points 2020/ 2021 – updated

Pickup points are only for the first week in school (morning) – then dropped off at their home address

Bus children from Pre S, Pre K, K and FS1, FS2, Year 1 will come on their first day by car and will be dropped off to their home addresses. The next day, they will be picked up from home directly and dropped off at home.

  • Sunday 13/09/20 Y3/G2 – G7/8/11/12 & Y8/10 8 am – FS/PS/PK Group (1) 9 am
  • Monday 14/09/20 FS/PS/PK Group (1) & Y3/G2 & Y5/G4 – G 6/9/10 & Y7/9/11 8 am FS/PS/PK Group (2) 9 am.
  • Tuesday 15/09/20 FS/PS/PK Group (1 + 2) & Y3/G2 & Y5/G4 & Y4/G3 – Y12/13 8 am – FS/PS/PK Group (3) 9 am.
  • Wednesday 16/09/20 All FS/PS/PK & Y6/G5 & KS2/ES 8 am – Y1/K 9 am.
  • Thursday 17/09/20 All FS/Y1/PS/PK/K and All KS2/ES 8 am – Y2/G1 9 am

Below are the telephone numbers for each bus

Please click here to download

August Fees Installment’s Deadline’s Postponement

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that due to the official postponement of School reopening for the new academic year 2020-2021 by the Ministry, accordingly we had decided to postpone the deadline of August Installment to become 15thof September 2020, to match with the school opening dates.

If you had already settled the second Installment (August Installment), please ignore the message.

If not please contact the Finance Department’s Fees Controllers by phone (Ext.114, 409 and 365), or send an email to You can pay in cash at school, or on your credit card. If you would prefer you can now pay by credit card on-line via the PayFort link, or pay in instalments via the Payfort credit system at your own pace and ease. To learn more about the Payfort system, click hereIn case of paying through Payfort the handling fee has been amended by the Bank to be 1.5% (instead of 1.6%) on every on line transaction.

You can then choose how you wish to pay:

  1. From Home:when you receive the invoice you can pay via the Payfort link by credit card or by Installments. Payfort is the school’s monthly installment-plan partner.
  2. From Home:if you prefer you can pay by cash deposit, bank transfer or online transfer. Please send an email to and request the payment form. Please choose which bank you wish to transfer to in your email. We accept transfers to QNB, CIB, NBE, Bank Misr, Mashreq, United National Bank and HSBC –  (note that payment should be in full)
  3. In School:if you prefer you can pay in cash or by debit/master/credit card in our finance department’s Cashiers. Noting that the School’s Working Hours is from 08:00am till 03:00pm from Sunday to Thursday.
  4. Please note:if you pay by bank transfer , online transfer or cash deposit please email back the payment document to the finance department to, we will then confirm your payment and email you an official receipt.