Government Announcement 31.12.2020 Regarding Schools

Dear Parents,

Based on governmental announcements made this afternoon, schools are expected to administer learning in an off-campus, online learning format until February 20th. We are following these developments very closely and will issue further detailed communications early next week outlining the measures for your child’s learning starting January 10th following the present Winter holiday. Students in Years 12 and 13 in the British School, scheduled to have exams beginning on January 7th, should continue to prepare for them until the school releases further updates following guidance expected to be released soon by the British council.

Kind Regards,

Colin Rogers, Soumaya Amr, Karim Rogers, Allison Fleet & Matt Topliss
School Directors and Principals

Christmas Gift Reveal

So yesterday our Junior School Alssonians have received their Christmas gift from Santa. Due to the current circumstances, only 2 of each class were randomly selected to receive and unwrap the gift. Meanwhile the other class members watched on zoom live as the present reveal took place. The gift was a bunch of large Lego blocks from EverBlock Egypt

for the students to play with and get as creative as they can together. Some built houses, some built chairs while others built towers. It was a lovely day enjoyed by all. Thank you Santa

EverBlock Egypt

Arabic Studies Mid Term Exams’ Schedules

Dear Parents and Students,

Please find attached the ministry exam schedules for Arabic Studies exams scheduled to take place in January 2021.

Please note that the Grade 9/Year 10 Addadeya exam schedule has not yet been released by the ministry. We expect this schedule soon and will sent it to you when received by us.