WellSpring Summer Day Camps at El Alsson NewGiza

We’re happy to announce that we are going to have WellSpring with us this summer and we’ll be hosting their fun Day Camps at El Alsson during the summer vacation!

We have agreed that for El Alsson camp, we shall have a google sheet to fill and they will call you to finish up the registration process.



WellSpring Day Camps will start at our school as of the 3rd of July weekly ending on 11th of August and the focus for the first week will be on helping kids know how to deal with “Social Pressure and resist it” and assist them in making a U-TURN from feeling always pressured to do what they see their peers are doing or what they see on social media and help them resist it in the right and healthy way.


Alsson Staff members’ children get a 20% discount and Alsson students get a 15 % discount.

WellSpring’s Day Camps will be hosted for several weeks along the summer, and each with its own theme and focus that WellSpring’s team would help the kids to make a U-Turn from.

Another reminder, El Alsson students are eligible for 15% discount on all WellSpring Summer Camps, Overnight and Day Camps.

You can find all the information, dates, and details of each camp, book and pay through the 👇🏻

Playstore Mobile Application: https://bit.ly/3fpENhp

Appstore Mobile Application: https://apple.co/3sO3Hec

Website: https://www.wellspringegypt.com/camps/10


Check below the video tutorial to assist you in registration:


If you need any further assistance in registration and booking, you can always contact WellSpring’s Customer Service team on their Hotline on 19304

Or on Whatsapp: https://bit.ly/2Ykmi50whatsapp