November 30, 2023

A Moment of Pride: Celebrating Our Exceptional Counselor!

A Moment of Pride: Celebrating Our Exceptional Counselor!
We are thrilled to announce and celebrate a remarkable achievement within our esteemed community! An extraordinary accomplishment of our very own counselor, Mrs. Angie Shalaby, who has become one of the very first individuals in the world to attain the prestigious accreditation as a THE Accredited Counselor.
Angie Shalaby has been acknowledged and praised by prominent institutions such as the Times Higher Education, BMI, and Common Purpose/Evolve Careers. Their recognition of her expertise and dedication to their craft is a testament to their outstanding abilities and unwavering commitment to excellence.
We are immensely proud to share that our school, El Alsson NewGiza, has also gained well-deserved recognition. With Angie Shalaby’s accreditation, our school’s logo now proudly graces the esteemed THE website, a global platform that showcases the finest education institutions and professionals in the world.
Congratulations Mrs. Angie! The entire El Alsson NewGiza community is immensely proud of your remarkable accomplishment.
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