A well-equipped clinic is available in the Administration Building to provide health care for our children throughout the school day.
Students with injuries or illnesses may go and be seen by our nurses or the school doctor, and be provided with appropriate medication and/or treatment.
We also do regular health checks, particularly for the younger children in the Primary and Early Years age. The clinic also keeps
a medical file on each child and checks on absences. The school nurse notifies the parents of a child if more serious treatment is needed.
We also have an additional clinic in the Sports Hall.


One of our facilities supporting our staff, is a day care center open for the young children (age 0-3). This day care center enables our working mothers to get back to work quickly after having their baby, as it is properly equipped with toys, caretakers and cots for the children to sleep in. This center is not open to the public.


The school has its own engineering and maintenance department and we do almost all of our own maintenance and repairs, as well as keeping everything in order. We have a group of skilled workmen who also provide some support to our Art department in making large scaled projects.


The school has a large and very well stocked resource department as well as departmental resource rooms attached to each classroom. The materials and equipment available to teachers are all catalogued and bar coded using the Oliver library software program and this unique facility is run by full time personnel who also support the teachers with photocopying, lamination and classroom stationary needs. This enables us to continuously provide fun, interactive style classes for our primary students.

ICT Support Services

Four full time ICT System Engineers and four full time ICT technicians (MCSE qualified) look after our extensive computer networks as well as an educational ICT coordinator. Our ICT Development Coordinator provides vision and leadership for the development of ICT, E-learning, and Management ICT Systems across the school and day-to-day ICT Operations, securing high quality and the effective use of resources to bring about the highest standards of achievement for students and staff.

Physical Education

The School offers a broad curriculum in PE with a wide range of different sports and activities and has a variety of areas to use: grass and artificial fields, hard surfaces and acrylic. Students are also encouraged to take part in the school teams, As part of our physical education system, we also provide a multitude of extra-curricular school sports teams that your children can join and thrive in, creating friendships and good memories as well as learning about sportsmanship and teamwork skills. Our winning record is impressive, even in sports such as Rugby.
El Alsson NewGiza has a Sports Hall featuring Basketball courts, two indoor heated pools and a fitness gym and dance studio.


The school runs 90+ buses all over Cairo, to and from school, enabling our students access to our school and safe transportation every day. The buses take your children from home directly, on a set schedule, providing efficiency and safety for younger children. All the buses are air-conditioned and most of them are 26 seater Coasters enabling them to reasonably get through the traffic. Every bus has a bus matron who stays with the children for the whole journey, maintaining the behavior and safety of the children.

Large outdoor play and sports areas

The Primary Elementary School is equipped with a playground for the younger ones along with Basket Ball and Handball tartan courts and 2 green fields.
The Senior Secondary School has its own fields. It has a large natural grass field along with a tartan Basket Ball outdoor field.
Both Schools share the Sports Hall facilities featuring Basketball courts, two indoor heated pools and a fitness gym and dance studio.

Fully Air-conditioned classrooms with interactive whiteboards and projectors

Learning Support and Counselling Services

Computer Labs with networked computers

Art Studios

Science Labs

Music Rooms

The School has music rooms in every school, some are class rooms to accommodate the entire class equipped with musical instruments while others are designed to hold individual peripatetic music lessons.
The school also has multiple music rooms at the Performing Arts Building.

Multi Purpose Indoor Halls

We have 2 multi purpose indoor halls; one in the British School and one in the American School. Seminars, trainings, Concerts and assemblies can take place in these halls.


We have 2 Large Libraries in both schools. The American School has a 2 story Library divided between the Juniors on the bottom floor and Seniors on the top floor. Same for the British School, it has a large 2 story Library divided between Juniors on the bottom floor and seniors on the top floor.

Ultra-moddern state-of-the-art 222 seat theatre

Indoor heated Swimming Pool and Sports Hall

Spacious Staffrooms and cafes

Branded Cafes for Students