“Education is not only about getting good grades”

Is the British system better than the American; or the American better than the Canadian? Perhaps Canadian education is better than French or then again, maybe a German curriculum is the best. Surely an IGCSE one-year course is better than two years, and cramming a quick A/S or A-level in a few months can’t hurt, can it? Everyone seems to believe that the American system is the easiest, but is it? Perhaps the German Abitur is the most serious but isn’t it just for very bright students?.

Mrs. Soumaya Amr and Mr. Colin Rogers

Obviously, a sound, well-constructed curriculum and reliable, well-trained teachers, many of   whom have been there for years, is one way of judging a good school. A track record of good grades and results is also important, but if that is all the school is focusing on, it really isn’t very good. Education is so much more than just getting good grades; children who only do this by cramming and memorizing books just finish up as rather empty people.

     “Education is about preparing children for life”


Over and above traditional teaching is another level of learning what good schools offer. Good schools offer ‘extra curricular activities,’ where children learn through clubs, sports, musical productions and drama, trips and excursions. Good schools also believe that they should be preparing students for life, and provide academic and social help, guidance, counselling and special educational support, and in particular programmes that develop character and confidence.

Personal, social and health education features in the timetable of good schools. Children learn about themselves, about relationships with their friends, about honesty and morals, Learning to Lead, MUN’s and senior school Leadership Programs, charity work helping others by giving time and effort, not just money, learning to care, advising and supporting younger children, learning to hold fair and balanced opinions and learning to listen to others. Alongside good grades and academic achievements, when these values are learnt we believe our students are ready to go out into the real world.

If a school is really offering a broad and balanced education and tries to teach the whole child, you’ve made the right choice.

Colin Rogers and Soumaya Amr