May 28, 2018

Alsson El Kheir

#alssonelkheir final numbers: 300 boxes packed and distributed yesterday so that everyone can have a good start of Ramadan. Target Achieved!!!!!!
260 boxes went to our school workers and matrons and 40 boxes to families we support.
This project would not have happened if it weren’t for the collaboration and coordination between both the American and British Schools. This project was coordinated by the American Guidance team and supported by the British Senior Leadership Team along with the American Senior Leadership Team. Shout out to both teams!
We are beyond proud of our Alssonians. Younger ones showed great interest and excitement to participate and older ones were a great support and set a lovely example. It was amazing seeing how the little Alssonians embraced this new experience and hopefully this experience helped them foster empathy and sense of giving..
A huge shout out to our student council members and senior students for their help and enthusiasm.
WELL DONE TO ALL….May we do this over and over again

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