El Alsson is fully accredited by NCA CASI, the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

The American International section of the school caters for children aged 6 to 18, from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. Elementary School is from G1 – G5; Middle School from G6 – G8; and High School from G9- G12.

The curriculum of the American International School is modeled on a typical American school program and meets US core standards. It has been slightly adapted to meet the needs of our student body, made up of Egyptian nationals and children from more than 20 other countries, so that on the firm foundations of the proven system of American education, we have built a curriculum which meets with the needs of all students. Graduating with an American High School Diploma opens the door to universities in many parts of the world, not only the USA and Canada, as well as universities in Egypt.

All students study the following compulsory and elective subjects (subjects vary according to grade):

  1. English Language Arts
  2. Art
  3. Math
  4. Physical Education
  5. Science  (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  6. French
  7. Information and Communication Technology
  8. Arabic
  9. Social Sciences (Geography, History)
  10. Religion (Islam or Christianity)
  11. Sociology. Psychology, Business, Economics
  12. Other electives in Grades 11 and 12

SAT and SAT Subject Tests are taken in Grades 11 and 12 respectively. The skills needed to succeed in these tests are incorporated into our curriculum, though some additional courses are available outside the school day. Outstanding students may be invited to prepare for Advanced Placement exams.

Many of our students are Egyptian and, therefore, the Arabic we offer for first language speakers is certified by the Ministry of Education and meets the requirements of the Sanawi’ama certificate: students will not encounter any difficulties when they apply to Egyptian Universities. We also provide Arabic as a Second Language for foreigners.

All our planning is based on sound educational practices found in good American schools. Students transfer very easily from our school to any other American schools in the world following this curriculum.

The American International School fees reflect an average class size of 20-24 students and the employment of overseas teachers combined with our own locally-trained staff


Founded in 2006 15 Years
700 Student Every Year
420 staff 205 Full Time Teachers
260 Applicants Average Per Year