Our High School Program

is a 4-year program of study that prepares students for college and careers and enables them to become successful 21st century citizens through thinking, creating and contributing.

During High School, students take a wide variety of courses, earning credits for graduation and entry into university programs around the world. Students take courses in all core academic areas and are able to personally select many of the courses they take. Egyptian students also follow a full course of Arabic Studies in preparation for Adadiya and Thanaweya Amma exams at the end of Grades 9 and 12.

Options Counseling information is now available on Plus Portal. The MHS Course Catalogue and Course Pathway documents can be found under School Links and Files in your Plus Portals Login page. If you have further questions about the course selection process please contact Angie Shalaby.

A High School Diploma is awarded to students who successfully acquire the credits necessary to fulfill the school’s graduation requirements:

Beginning with the class of 2018, students are also expected to fulfill work experience and community service requirements ahead of graduation.

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Throughout high school, students have options to take a variety of standard high school courses as well as honors level courses and Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams. AP courses and exams are college-level courses and may earn students advanced college credit while still in high school.

El Alsson courses of study are designed to meet leading US curriculum standards, including the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, English Language Arts and Literacy in subject areas, in addition to Next Generation Science Standards. High school courses are taught using a variety of teaching and learning strategies which are research-based and proven to be effective with High School-aged learners. Great care is taken to ensure students develop the confidence, knowledge, and the personal, critical thinking skills and independent learning skills to be successful in higher education and their personal and professional lives in the 21st century.

Students are assessed through a variety of interim, continuous and end of unit assessments, and students in the High School are often required to undertake long-term research and problem-based projects.

In the fall of Grade 9, students take the PSAT-9 and in Grade 10 and 11 they take the PSAT/NMQST. These CollegeBoard assessments are the best preparation for the SAT which students take during the Spring of Grade 11. Core academic courses throughout High School prepare students for the SAT through developing college-readiness skills in reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking and analysis.

Selected Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics and Science courses cover the necessary topics and skills for SAT II Subject Tests in Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Students take courses in elective groups, and utilize the full range of specialist teaching areas including Science and ICT laboratories and Art and sports facilities.

 The information contained here regarding applying to college is the general outline of what is required for colleges in Egypt and abroad. All students must ensure that they check specific admission details with the college they plan to apply to by directly contacting each institution. If the students have any questions, please make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Angy Shalaby.

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