September 4, 2018

BridgeU for G11, G12, Y12 and Y13 Students

BridgeU : It is our first year to provide our Grade 11 and 12/ Year 12 and 13 students with access to computerized and comprehensive BridgeU university and careers guidance platform that covers every aspect of the advice and guidance process. Each student and parent will be provided with access account to follow up the university and career guidance services provided through BridgeU. The Head of Guidance and Student services (American)/ Head of KS5 (Yrs 12 & 13) will be able to centrally follow up all students using the platform.

The platform allows the following services:

Document sending: Upload and send documents directly to universities, eliminating offline procedures, printing costs, and task duplication. The platform have partnered with Parchment, the leading secure-sending application for school transcripts, to ease the process of sending documents to universities

Reference writing: Coordinate, write, and track reference letters for students. Access summarised information on a student’s academic and personal history, and collaborate with other teachers to compile detailed, personalised student letters of recommendation.

Smart university matching: With BridgeU, students build a robust personal profile, including data on subject interests, grades, social, professional and learning preferences. Cross-referencing our vast database of historical data points, our matching algorithm generates university and course choices that are personalised to the unique preferences and academic strengths of each individual students.

International education: Explore the benefits of an international education with BridgeU. With a database of over 100,000 higher education programmes across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands, BridgeU can personalise global university and course recommendations, enabling each student to consider the right post-secondary opportunities for them, regardless of location.

Performance insights: Track admissions and placement performance year-on-year. BridgeU data will also show you local and global admissions trends, and allow comparison by subject and curriculum.

Students will receive orientation sessions on using BridgeU during first two weeks of school.


Angy Shalaby and Maggie Vallely

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