Welcome to Key Stage 2. We hope that you will enjoy learning about our department and that you find your visit to our website informative.


In Key Stage 2 at El Alsson we follow the National Curriculum for England and build upon the solid foundations laid in Key Stage 1. The curriculum provides the structure for pupils to partake in a wide range of activities and trips, educating them in a well-rounded manner and giving them a chance to develop lifelong interests and skills.
Pupils have lessons with their class teacher in English, Maths, Science, Humanities and PSHE.  Pupils have lessons with specialist teachers in Arabic, Religion. Social Studies, Music, ICT, PE, Art and French.  We adapt aspects of the curriculum to meet our students’ needs and to reflect our unique position here in Egypt. Arabic, Religion and Social Studies are taught following the Egyptian Ministry of Education’s curriculum.

National Curriculum Document

Continuity and Progression

The curriculum is continuous across key stages and is monitored to ensure there is progression from one year to the next. We recognise that, as pupils move from one key stage to another, there are significant increases in expectations in terms of personal organisation and independent study.   Throughout KS2 our pupils are assessed informally on a continuous basis by their class and specialist teachers. There will also be more formal assessments which will take place throughout the year and will help to support teacher judgements about each student’s progress.


Written reports are issued twice a year – in January and June.  Parents are also invited to attend Parents’ Day to discuss the welfare and academic progress of their children.

Learning Support

El Alsson is an academically selective school.  However we recognise that some pupils will require extra support at certain stages during their education.  It is of great benefit for children to receive learning support, as it is a positive step towards meeting their individual learning goals.  If learning support is deemed necessary, a learning support plan will be provided to parents to specifically outline the support to be given.

Classes and Resources

We are well resourced with books and equipment which allows the children to have the first-hand experiences they need. The students learn in a healthy environment with bright, colourful classrooms overlooking playgrounds or green fields.  All classes have access to a specialist science lab, computer lab, dedicated music rooms and an exciting, creative learning space for art lessons.

Computer Science (CS) across the Curriculum

Pupils have access to appropriate ICT resources in all year groups.

Extension and Enrichment
Educational visits, field trips, extra-curricular activities and performance opportunities play an important role in extending and enriching the curriculum and developing our pupils.

Special Days and Events
There are a number of special events each term, including:

  • Book Week
  • Educational visits:  Pyramids at Giza, Sakkara and local museums; concert and dance performances; creative art centres; the River Nile; and to other locations extending pupils’ understanding of their world.
  • Residential trips: Year 6 Desert trip Year 5 Luxor trip and Year 4 Alexandria trip.
  • Pupil Concerts:Pupils have the chance to perform in quality productions.
  • Sports Day:Children develop participation skills, team building and good sportsmanship.
  • Week Without Walls: pupils explore service to others in different contexts.
  • Parent Orientation meeting at the beginning of the year.

Behaviour Policy

All Students must read our Behaviour Policy. Please click here to read the Behaviour Policy