Whole School Policies


Primary / Elementary Anti-Bullying Policy – regarding El Alsson’s position on bullying in school and the procedure followed if it occurs.
Internet Policy
Senior School Anti-Bullying Policy
Safeguarding Policy– regarding El Alsson’s position on and procedures for ensuring students’ well – being in and out of school.
Complaints Policy – regarding the process for expressing concerns or complaints to the school.
Equal Opportunities – regarding ensuring staff and students are treated fairly at work / school.
Health and Safety Policy – our procedures for ensuring the health and safety of all persons at school.
Parent Involvement Policy – regarding how to participate more fully in school life if you are a member of our school community.
Primary/Elementary Trips Policy – procedures followed when organizing and running school trips.
Transfer Policy – El Alsson Policy for Internal Transfers between the British and American International Schools.
Exclusion Policy

Transport Policy

British School Policies

British Primary Policies

Progression Policy – regarding the requirements to progress to the next year group or Key Stage / section of the school.
British Transition Policy
Primary School Behaviour Policy
British Admissions Policy
Homework Policy

British Senior Policies

Behaviour and Celebration Policy
Teaching and Learning Policy
Attendance Policy
Homework Policy
Assessment and Reporting Policy

American School Policies

American Elementary Policies

American Code of Conduct
American Promotion Policy
American Admissions Policy

American MS and HS Policies

Senior School Dress Code

Attendance Policy