It’s the annual Orphans Iftar time of the year, but this time at El Alsson NewGiza!
70 boys and girls from Nour Al Iman orphanage in Kafr el Jabal and Ahbab El Rahman orphanage in Kirdasa honoured us with their presence yesterday for an Iftar of fun and activities.
40 student volunteers gave up their time and spent the evening entertaining and befriending the children. They carried out some art activities with them as well as played football and games in the playground. The children had a lovey time, food was plenty with a lot of left overs and El Alsson could not be more proud of the lovely Alssonians, bless their hearts. Thanking all our staff members who made this happen. A shout out to all

From: Sun May 27 2018
To: Sun May 27 2018

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