Now that are BSME Team is back, we would like to celebrate our proud Alssonians and their BSME awards:


Girls Football First Place Gold

Girls Best football player Masa El Maghraby

Boys Football Third Place Bronze


Boys relay 25m freestyle Gold

Boys relay 50m freestyle Gold

Yassin Salem 100m freestyle Bronze

Omar AbdelGawad 25m freestyle Gold

Karim Ezzat 50m breast stroke Silver

Karim Ezzat 50m  freestyle Silver


Girls 4x100m relay Bronze

Masa Maghraby 150m sprint Gold

Malak Nashaat Javelin sprint Bronze

Malak Nashaat 150m sprint Bronze


Basketball: Fourth  place


General ranking El Alsson Fifth place.

A big thank you to our team, all staff, and the parents who showed a great deal of support.

From: Wed Mar 13 2019
To: Wed Mar 13 2019

Applies to American Elementary , British Primary