El Alsson Winter Drive
El Alsson is super proud of all the kids who had the idea, and lent their time and voice to this project. They got to see what they were able to come together and do. The event was organized by the Student Council, sponsored by Mrs. Sara Karam and Mrs. Nadeen Arafa, and was able to make use of many British school donations as well.
The best quote was from a MS student afterwards who said,” It really felt good to be able to give away all those clothes to people who needed them.” It made my heart smile. There were Elementary classes that were brought in to the Matrons Market to help as well. Teachers volunteered their time to come and help set up and reset tables throughout the day. Students young and old were able to mix some charity participation with learning how to fold clothes (some of them for the first time). It made a real difference in the lives of people that we can see everyday.

From: Thu Dec 17 2020
To: Thu Dec 17 2020

Applies to Whole School