Carols at the Four Seasons

Last month, on December 13th, our senior and secondary school choir were invited to sing Christmas Carols at the Four Seasons First Residence in Giza. It was a wonderful night where our students added the spirit to the beautifully decorated place and it was enjoyed by all. We look forward to more and more external events for our students. Thank you Four Seasons for the lovely hospitality.

El Alsson Uniform NOW Online!

El Alsson Uniform is now available online on sold by a new vendor. It will sell the same items being sold in the uniform shop along with a couple of new extras.
The new vendor also offers great quality with competitive prices. Free shipping on orders over 250LE by Souq.

The current Uniform Shop at school will still be operating as is.
However, please note that both vendors are NOT the same and that the management is different.

If you purchase an item from the school store, it has to be returned and/or exchanged via the school store. If you purchase an item from, it has to be returned and/or exchanged from

New Available Items online:

  • Junior Royal Blue Skirt with a lycra short beneath – Optional
  • Junior Summer Sweat pants to compliment the heavy winter ones in case your child prefers pants to shorts (Optional)
  • Heavy Jackets for winter with fur inside to compliment the by order capitone Jackets offered at the Uniform Store. (to be offered soon)
  • Royal Blue caps in two sizes for Juniors in sunny days (Optional)

NB: Please note that the Navy Blue Jacket, Navy Blue Hooded Sweatshirt, Navy Blue Sweat Pants, Royal Blue Hooded Sweatshirt and the new Fur Jackets are still not available on the online store. They will be added shortly.

Click here to get El Alsson’s Online Store

Homeroom Teacher (Elementary) – American School

Could you be the next Mr / Mrs Motivator of the Classroom?

Teaching qualification that meets requirement of home-country (B. Ed)

Minimum 3 years post-qualification teaching experience in similar role and subject area.

Skills and Knowledge

Up to date knowledge of the National Curriculum of US.

Ability to plan and teach effectively using a variety of strategies.

Ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners

Excellent interpersonal skills with both adults and children.

Willingness and ability to work as part of a team.

Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

Ability to prioritise and organise own work.

Ability to work effectively to a high standard, on occasion, under pressure, meeting deadlines.

Knowledge of Health and Safety & Safeguarding/Child Protection procedures and their application.

Knowledge of computers and ability to use ICT tools for record-keeping and as an instructional tool.

El Alsson School Egypt is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Candidates must be prepared to undergo child protection screening and appropriate pre-employment checks.

Please email your CV, letter of application and a passport-sized photo to  including the names of 2 referees, one of whom should be your current or most recent employer.

Fog Update

Dear Parents

The winter season is here and as you have experienced in the past couple of days, the fog level was extremely high. This led to the closing of some major highways – all leading to school.

To get to El Alsson NEWGIZA from Sheikh Zayed, October or Downtown, buses WILL have to take major highways at some point. Our bus control department checks the open roads early morning before buses start their routes, however, once the traffic police decide to close a road, it happens with no prior notice. This can lead to buses being stuck for sometime. We will look into alternative routes, however we will still face congestion of some sort as it is affecting everybody trying to make the same commute.

Please note that we keep your children’s safety our number one priority at all times.

If a bus is stuck and you wish to let your son or daughter off to go back home, only students in G10/Y11 and older can leave the bus if you call the bus control or bus matron to give her the approval. If the student is younger than G10/Y11, they are not allowed to leave the bus except with a guardian and the guardian should be specified by the parent.

Unfortunately, this may be the case for the entire winter but we sure hope weather clears and things go back to normal soon. If we see that this is repeatedly happening, we shall make changes in the schedule to ensure the lessons missed are not always major lessons affecting their learning process.

Thank you for your understanding

Bus Control

American Elementary G4 and G5 Science Fairs

Last week was the fourth and fifth graders Science Fairs. What amazing projects & presentations they all had!
Super job both G5 & G5! We’re very proud of you!
This year, the fourth graders rose up to the challenge of applying the new science standards NGSS to their Science Fair projects.Each group designed and created their own special toy made out of recycled materials. Their models and prototypes were amazing. They were also given a S.T. E. M challenge at the end of their Science Fair. They were challenged to build the “tallest” free-standing tower made out of very few materials. It wasn’t easy, but it certainly was very exciting and enjoyable for students, teachers, as well as parents.

What amazing projects & presentations! Super job G5! We’re very proud of you!

American School Re-accredited

“The External Review Team recommends to the AdvancED Accreditation Commission that El Alsson School- Cairo earn the distinction of Accreditation by AdvancEd.”

El Alsson is very proud to be ranked amongst the very few schools in both Egypt and the States with a score of over 300 during the AdvancED accreditation visit. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for all our staff, students and parents; the main reason behind our success!
According to the External Review Team: “El Alsson is a caring safe and family based school dedicated to progress, energized by the notion of belonging, and committed to creating a collaborative culture of stakeholders that are dedicated to developing successful 21st century learners.”

A sincere thank you to the students, staff and parents for all of their support and efforts in making El Alsson what it is, and for this very successful re-accreditation visit! Congratulations Alsson!

El Alsson First All Class Alumni Reunion

El Alsson School, Giza – April 12th 2013: El Alsson held its first all class reunion in celebration of its 30th Anniversary. El Alsson School was founded in 1982 and has graduated 23 classes since 1989.
An Alumni Council was formed this year to organize and hold an “All Class Reunion” for all Alssonians.
Our goal was to have a fun daytime event for people to meet up with their old friends and staff – a bit of nostalgia! The day featured 90s music, food and drinks, and some optional sports along with lots of reminiscing, signing of alumni tee-shirts – just like when students signed each others’ tee-shirts on their last day. Karim Sherif even came wearing his tee-shirt from his last day at school – bit small now but fabulous idea!!  The event featured DJs, also alumni; Karim Al Sharif, Class of 1995 and Mayan Fawaz, Class of 1997. Many people were spotted dancing to favourite tunes of their youth or listening along.
Former students were amazed with all the changes in the school they had left years ago. They took tours to their old classrooms, played basketball on the courts and told tales of how it used to be. 
We had a few displays of the school whilst it was being built, when it first opened and what it looks like now exhibited, which entertained many alumni and long term staff.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our distinguished sponsors for their presence and support during the day; Coca Cola, Wadi Food, Smile Dental Center International, Archimedia, Remax (Palm Springs), Best Juices, Cairo West and Travco. We were also very lucky to have Mr. Bichbichie among our sponsors who stepped up and volunteered to DJ to give our alumni DJs a chance to socialize with their friends.
Prominent alumni members honoured us with their presence on the day; one example being Dr. Bassem Youssef who enjoyed meeting up with old friends. He was also popular amongst other alumni and staff who have seen him on TV and who wanted to meet him. The School has many famous and / or successful alumni – we are proud of them all. The Directors gave a little Thank You speech towards the end of the day, they also mentioned how our alumni are unique and how Universities and Industry always seek out our former students. The Directors were very busy all day but also delighted as everybody wanted to say Hello and Thank You to them.
The spirit of the day was beyond amazing; the field was like a sea of smiling faces. Many had been transported back in time – that feeling of being 15 again and back to school! Teachers were delighted to see the children they had once taught all grown up and doing so well. They were very proud that they had been remembered and appreciated.

All in all: good weather, good music, good food and most of all good company… what else does one need to make this event a success?
Thanks to everyone who put in so much effort to make it happen and to all those who came along. Many asked if we could have more alumni events…. and why not?!

El Alsson Senior Students Helping Local Community

Over many years, whilst El Alsson has been involved with community work in orphanages, with ‘Operation Smile’ (an international charity which provides medical care for patients with cleft lip or cleft palate),ACE (Animal Care in Egypt,which is a primarily a clinic in Luxor that treats animals and raises awareness about animal abuse), the students have not got involved with the‘local’ community, around the immediate perimeter of the school.

Since the end of last year, a group of El Alsson students, led by Ms Julie Clarke, have been feeding the dogs outside the school gate, as part of a Worldwide Society for the Protection of Animals project studying the control of stray animals. Healthier dogs keep other strays away, as they develop an identity with the local area and want to protect it. We also have a veterinarian who is helping out by vaccinating these dogs around our school against rabies and other diseases and neutering them to prevent them over-breeding.

Our visits resulted in many different things, not just keeping the dogs fed. Our interaction with the local villagers has shown them that the animals that live amongst them are absolutely harmless, loving, and just need a bit of care and attention from the people around them. This created a friendlier atmosphere around the school because both the locals and animals have created a bond as a result of them realising that they are no harm to each other.

So the question that instantly pops up is: “Why help the animals first, before the people?”. Helping these animals has actually been the beginning of a chain of events, opening up so many other paths and ways of helping people from the different communities beside the school.

Our visits have been a starting point for us and other Alssonians to become aware of how the less fortunate are living, and so be more responsible, considerate, giving, and thankful. When we were out with the dogs, and standing with the local villagers, one of our students (Zein Selim) noticed that a young girl from the area had stapled, instead of sewn, seams on her dress. The word spread quickly around the school, and to help, we brought in clothes and other resources and gave them out as a way to improve the living conditions of these local villagers around our school. Now, some of our Sixth Form students are even giving English lessons every week to the village children.

Not only have we got to know the locals, they’ve got to know us as people. We are from  different social classes and have had preconceived ideas about each other. Now we all know that we are just ordinary people who want the same things-friendship, love, laughter and respect.

We take pride in the charity work that we are achieving, because it has opened our eyes to things we have never thought of before and made us realise that we are all the same, no matter which community or class we are from.

Farida El Sherbiny (Y10B), FatmaHalawa (Y10D) and Zeina Adawy (Y10B).